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A step towards globalisation of Indian agriculture.
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Address: Shri A.K. Verma
Assistant Agricultural Marketing Adviser,
Tel: 011-23381045
Email ID: rajendratiwari36@yahoo.com
Website: http://agmarknet.nic.in
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Post - Harvest Management of Mushrooms with Special Reference to Himachal Pradesh
The mushrooms of Himachal Pradesh should be established 'As a quality produce of India' in foreign markets to exploit present declining trend of mushroom production in many producing countries. In a...
Section:Research Papers
by Ministry of Agriculture GOI | Published On 01 Dec 2015
Post Harvest Profile of Banana: 2015
Banana (Musa sapientum) is an important fruit crop in India. Bananas are grown in more than 150 countries, producing 105 million tonnes of fruit per year. The global production of banana is around 102...
Section:Commodity Profile
by Agricultural Marketing | Published On 21 May 2015
Working of Livestock Exchange Markets in Rajasthan
Livestock sector is an integral part of India’s agriculture and an important part of the whole economy with reference to employment, income and earning of foreign exchange for the country. The growth...
Section:Research Papers
by Ministry of Agriculture GOI | Published On 15 May 2012
Production and Marketing of Coconut in India
The production and marketing scenario of coconut in the country has witnessed a phenomenal development, particularly in the field of production such as development of improved high yielding dwarf va...
Section:Research Papers
by Ministry of Agriculture GOI | Published On 22 Feb 2009
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