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Technology, Innovation & Development Towards Food, Health & Environmental Security
[ Vol. 1, No. 1 ] [ Download Full Issues ]
By Padma Prakash | On 08 Jul 2008
Economic Development in India: A Brief Outline of Theory, Policy and Progress -A personal view
By Shyama Ramani | On 08 Jul 2008
Food Security, Commercialisation of Indian Agriculture, and Technological Options
By Sukhpal Singh | On 08 Jul 2008
Health Security and Health Care Markets in India: In the Broader Context of Accessibility and Availability
By Arijita Dutta | On 08 Jul 2008
Waste water utilization in the East Calcutta Wetlands : From a local practice to a sustainable option for the poorer countries
By Dhrubjyothi Ghosh | On 08 Jul 2008
Women Empowerment, Remaining Challenges - Possible Solutions
By N.Manimekalai | On 08 Jul 2008
Agriculture and Sustainable Development
By Oswald Quintal | On 08 Jul 2008
Challenges and solutions for environment sanitation in rural and semi-rural areas
By M.Subburaman | On 08 Jul 2008
Commercializing an Innovation in an Invisible Market: Case of Ecosan toilets
By Antonin Benycar, Annabelle Didier and Shyama V.Ramani | On 08 Jul 2008
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