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Authors Name: T.N. Ninan
Weekend Ruminations: The meaning of 'partly free'
How far the govt will go towards establishing its control depends on the effectiveness of domestic institutional resistance and on how much it wants to risk international censure.
On 08 Mar 2021
Weekend Rumniations: Don't bet just yet on Bangladesh as South Asia's economic champion
Bangladesh might overtake India this year by per capita income in nominal dollars, but it is not yet close to becoming South Asia's economic powerhouse anytime soon.
On 17 Oct 2020
Business Standard Weekend Ruminations: The market as weapon: What China has long exploited India has rarely used
Opening up India's market to neighbouring countries can be as strategic as access denial to others. The game should be played both ways, even if it upsets domestic business lobbies.
On 16 Aug 2020
Weekend Rumniations: NEP's thrust on mother tongue, the fate of English, and a migrant question
It may never be the language spoken in most homes and remain much smaller than mother tongues, but English will continue to have its place as one of two official languages in India.
On 02 Aug 2020
It is not enough to have a strong govt; you need a strong country
While the govt has done many things right, it has also made mistakes that have weakened India. It should acknowledge challenges, reverse economic slide, and build national cohesion.
On 27 Jul 2020
Business Standard Weekend Ruminations: The seductiveness of borders
India has existed as a cultural entity from pre-historic times, but most people are not conversant with how and when the nation-state took shape.
On 28 Jun 2020
Weekend Ruminations: Advice for shoot-from-the-hip nationalists: Take aim before firing
It's all good to be tactical - keep China out of strategic markets; hit back in the same coin if it looks to keep India's key sectors out - but don't shoot yourself in the foot.
On 21 Jun 2020
Beyond Alliteration
Anyone can string together alliterative words, but are they a substitute for serious thought and coherent action? Real economics involves choices, or every day would be Christmas.
On 14 Jun 2020
Why Centre is left with little fiscal cushion to deal with Covid pandemic
When emerging from this crisis, the govt must consider a fresh approach to reviving growth, revisiting the Centre-state fiscal balance, and devising a re-imagined GST 2.0.
On 07 Jun 2020
Real is radical: Drop subsidies, offer basic minimum income to farmers
You could run a sensible subsidy and price support system at a fraction of today's cost, and still have enough money left over to offer a more generous income support to all farmers.
On 02 Jun 2020
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