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Authors Name: Sudarshan Iyengar
Gandhian Economic Thought and Modern Economic Development
The report says that a fresh wave of globalisation since the early 1990s has created both hope and despair.
On 23 Aug 2017
Uneven Development and Regionalism: A Critique of Received Theories
This paper attempts at critically examining various theoretical approaches concerning uneven development and regionalism. Major theories propounded by the neo-classical regional school, institutionali...
On 28 Jan 2016
Public Distribution System in Gujarat: A Synoptic Overview
The PDS programme in Gujarat since the formation of the State in 1960 is reviewd and comments are given briefly upon its effectiveness in delivery. The food security issue for the poor is also address...
On 04 Jul 2007
Liberty and Individualism in Gandhian Perspective: Implications for Sustainability of Societies
Most mainstream intellectuals, particularly economists, have almost dismissed Gandhiji.. Economists are important here because they influence the socio-political thinking the most. In traditional soc...
On 15 Dec 2006
Ethics in Social Science Research: A Note for Discussion
Some questions relevant in the context of ethics in social science research are: Does social science have peculiarities which are masked by discussions on science at large? Given the need for objectiv...
On 19 Jul 2006
Gandhi’s Economic Thought and Modern Economic Development: Some Reflections
A fresh wave of globalisation since the early 1990s has created both hope and despair. Failure of state has reaffirmed faith in market based institutions. Expansion in trade across national borders an...
On 07 Dec 2005
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