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Authors Name: Pramod K. Nayar
New Education Policy: Reinventing Higher Education?
The draft New Education Policy offers challenges disguised as opportunit ies and progressive thinking, especially in terms of autonomy, the deeply troubling role of the private sector HEI, regulatory...
On 27 Jul 2019
Marginality, Suffering, Justice: Questions of Dalit Dignity in Cultural Texts
Dalit dignity is organized around caste-determined labour that fits them into hierarchies of social dignity but which, in savage irony, renders them undignified as humans through social death. Second,...
On 31 Oct 2017
Corporate Nationalism in the Age of Dystopian Democracy
The intersection of state and corporate interests, rather than the intersection of the state and the public good characterizes the new nationalism. ‘Make in India’ enables local corporates and industr...
On 15 Aug 2017
Intellectual Autonomy, Intellectual Property and the New Enclosures
If the public institution is committed to public interest, then privatization of research and teaching cannot be allowed. Work done should be seen, heard and critiqued. Innovation in knowledge can com...
On 13 Oct 2016
‘Credit’ Transfer, ‘Capital’ Gains and Intellectual Property in the University: Points from a Case Study
An absolute insistence on profits in numbers is increasingly driving the modern University system today. The insistence on metrics as an index of scholarship has entailed a shift toward the market mod...
On 02 May 2016
The New Biosociality
The term ‘biosociality’ was coined in 1996 to describe social identities and sociality founded on genomic diagnosis, but may be extended to include social relationships based on a sharing of knowledge...
On 01 Apr 2016
The Sunday Edit: Elementals: The Arts of Bhopal, 1984-2015
Bhopal is the world’s most frightening laboratory where all experiments, with chemicals and with truth, have gone wrong.
On 29 Nov 2015
The Drowned and the Saved
How do refugees feature in contemporary rhetoric? In the face of suffering the only way to keep borders closed, as Europe is beginning to discover, is to turn one’s face away. The appeal constituted b...
On 19 Sep 2015
The Sunday Edit: Compulsory Altruism Or, A National Moral Economy?
The Give It Up campaign opens as an appeal to altruism and then proposes a moral economy using a reasoning that aligns altruism with nationalism and a sense of national belonging
On 26 Jul 2015
The Sunday Edit: The House that Constitution Built
The right to acquire/rent property anywhere in the nation is a fantasy fostered by the Constitution and the rhetoric of modernisation and urbanisation.
On 28 Jun 2015
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