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Authors Name: Arpita Mukherjee
Export of agriculture produce and organic farming in India
Dr. Arpita Mukherjee is a Professor at Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER). She has several years of experience in policy-oriented research, working closely with...
On 25 May 2018
India’s Phytonutrient Report - A Snapshot of Fruits and Vegetables Consumption, Availability and Implications for Phytonutrient Intake
The objective of the study is to understand the ‘actual’ consumption patterns of fruits and vegetables in India and compare this to the World Health Organization (WHO) ‘recommended’ quantity for an ad...
On 31 Aug 2017
Promoting Organic Food Products and Exports - Status, Issues and Way Forward
This paper, based on a primary survey of companies engaged in organic food business in India and the United Kingdom (UK), examines how organic food can attract more investment (domestic and foreign) a...
On 08 Aug 2017
Impact of the Retail FDI Policy on Indian Consumers and the Way Forward
This paper analyses the impact of the retail FDI policy on Indian consumers and make policy recommendations for the Indian government. Based on a primary survey of Indian consumers, the paper examines...
On 28 Nov 2011
Indo-U.S. FTA: Prospects for Audiovisual Services
Many WTO (World Trade Organization) member countries, including India, are defensive about opening up of the audiovisual sector in the Doha Round due to reasons of cultural sensitivity. On the other...
On 17 Feb 2011
Addressing New Service Sectors in WTO/FTAs: Express Delivery and India
The service sector is evolving. New services and new modes of delivering existing services have increased the complexities of services negotiations in the WTO and in FTAs. The WTO negotiations focu...
On 20 Aug 2010
Sports Retailing in India: Opportunities, Constraints and Way Forward
Sports retail is a small but fast growing segment of modern retail in India. Recently, the country has been hosting many international sports and this has given a boost to this sector. Many foreign...
On 13 Aug 2010
Trade in Energy Services: GATS and India
India’s opportunities and constraints to trade in energy services within the GATS framework are examined. The study found that India has the capability of exporting high-skilled manpower at competit...
On 25 Feb 2009
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