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The Magnificent Maiden of Maargazhi
The Thiruppavai has been written about, transliterated, translated, analysed, interpreted, critiqued relentlessly over the centuries from different points of view. A glimpse of the poet Goda who is re...
by S. Radha Prathi | On 01 Jan 2022
Book Review: Of Continuity, Change, and Courage
Antiman: A Hybrid Memoir By Rajiv Mohabir (Winner of the Restless Books Prize for Immigrant Writing, 2021) 2021; pp 352; $ 27. ISBN: 9781632062802; eBook ISBN: 9781632062819 Restless Books, Bro...
by  | On 07 Jun 2021
PAISA for Municipalities: A Study of Fund Flows and Public Expenditure in the Geographic Jurisdiction of Tumakuru City Municipal Corporation, Tumakuru District, Karnataka
In 2009, 36 per cent of Karnataka’s population was urban, and 32.7 per cent was poor- higher than the all-India level.This study aims to understand the nature and compute the size of the local public...
by  | On 03 Feb 2021
Development Chronicles: COVID-19 - A Year in Review
Contents: Editorial: Safdar Rahman, Tavishi Ahluwalia, Teresa Vanmalsawmi, Urwa Tul Wusqa The Political Economy of Governmental Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis: A Migrant Workers’ Perspective: Kani...
by  | On 02 Feb 2021
Creating Udyog Sahayak Enterprises Network (USENET) for Employment Generation and Scale-up in the MSME Sector
There are multiple forces – thirteen of them identified in this report - working against employment growth in India from both supply side and the demand side. It is proven that large enterprises creat...
by  | On 02 Feb 2021
Economic Survey 2020: Chapter 10-The Bare Necessities
Access to “the bare necessities” such as housing, water, sanitation, electricity and clean cooking fuel are a sine qua non to live a decent life. This chapter examines the progress made in providing a...
by Ministry of Finance  | On 30 Jan 2021
Prakriti Karyashala Case Studies: Villagers Unite Against Illegal Mining
In Sawar village in Ajmer, over the years private mining companies, extracting stone and marble that is exported all over the world, have progressively encroached on village common lands. Not only h...
by Anjali P Iyer | On 27 Nov 2020
Redressing Violence Against Women in COVID 19: Experience of Hospital-based Centres in Mumbai, India
The pandemic has brought a sharp focus on the issue of domestic violence. Over the last few months while COVID 19 has in general led to deaths and disruption of lives, it has, in particular, been an e...
by Sangeeta Rege | On 24 Nov 2020
Book Review of 'Shadow States: India, China and the Himalaya'
Shadow States is a truly important work—well written and based on solid research—thatoffers a novel and necessary perspective from which to view the Sino-Indian border dispute in their shared Himalaya...
by Mahesh Shankar | On 01 Aug 2020
Business Standard Weekend Ruminations: The seductiveness of borders
India has existed as a cultural entity from pre-historic times, but most people are not conversant with how and when the nation-state took shape.
by T.N. Ninan | On 28 Jun 2020
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