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Who’s Afraid of Naomi Osaka?
As an extraordinarily powerful individual, Naomi Osaka presents challenges to institutional power most of us can only imagine. If she worked in coordination with other top athletes across different sp...
by Jeffrey Montez de Oca | On 29 Jun 2021
Naomi Osaka Starts an Important Conversation
Only someone with the clout of a world champion, the purse of one of the top-paid athletes of the world, and the influence of a millennial social media celebrity can afford to take on the antiquated a...
by Vidya Subramanian | On 06 Jun 2021
Development Chronicles: COVID-19 - A Year in Review
Contents: Editorial: Safdar Rahman, Tavishi Ahluwalia, Teresa Vanmalsawmi, Urwa Tul Wusqa The Political Economy of Governmental Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis: A Migrant Workers’ Perspective: Kani...
by  | On 02 Feb 2021
Budget Speech of Finance Minister of India, 2021
Budget speech by the Finance Minister of India.
by Nirmala Seetharaman | On 01 Feb 2021
ADB’s Comprehensive Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has become a major global crisis that requires country, regional, and global intervention, as well as collaboration to mitigate damage to economies and peop...
by Asian Development Bank | On 25 Jan 2021
Tribute: Diego Maradona
Even now, over 30 years after he scored that incredible ‘goal of the century’ against the English team in the World Cup, and despite his later descent into drugs and addictions, Maradona remains an ic...
by Shibaji Bose | On 29 Dec 2020
Prakriti Karyashala Case Studies:Reclaiming Commons - Restoring and Protecting Grazing Lands from Illegal Dumping
While tourism may support a town economy, it can also damage the environment and ecology of the surrounding villages and destroy common grazing lands. Here’s how two villages fought to preserve their...
by Anjali P Iyer | On 06 Dec 2020
Gendered Research in Health: A Training Manual
To change the inequalities in medical research, women’s needs and desires must have a more prominent place in the research process. A formal set of policies will be needed to ensure that their interes...
by Renu Khanna | On 19 Oct 2020
Weekend Rumniations: Don't bet just yet on Bangladesh as South Asia's economic champion
Bangladesh might overtake India this year by per capita income in nominal dollars, but it is not yet close to becoming South Asia's economic powerhouse anytime soon.
by T.N. Ninan | On 17 Oct 2020
eSS Sunday Edit: US Withdrawal from WHO: Damaging. But a time for reform?
The US withdrawal from WHO however temporary should be seen as an opportunity to revisit the numerous recommendations for reform of the structure of WHO that will, among other changes, establish a ste...
by  | On 27 Jul 2020
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