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The Humanities of Crisis: Climate Change and the Discipline
From scientific upheavals in the Early Modern to world wars in the twentieth century, Humanities has responded to the crisis and also reinvented itself in terms of methodologies and fields of inquiry....
by Pramod K. Nayar | On 15 Nov 2021
eSS Sunday Edit: Sunrise Again for Indian Hockey?
India’s hockey performance, men’s and women’s, at Tokyo is remarkable in significant ways and may well be a portent of things to come. It's a fitting celebration of the life of Keshav Dutt, hockey vet...
by  | On 20 Sep 2021
Naomi Osaka Starts an Important Conversation
Only someone with the clout of a world champion, the purse of one of the top-paid athletes of the world, and the influence of a millennial social media celebrity can afford to take on the antiquated a...
by Vidya Subramanian | On 06 Jun 2021
Women challenging stereotypes in the Covid-world
Our industry has an overall 90:10 gender split in leadership positions. The ratio is improving in pre-media, publishing and media. Can we do more to address the gender imbalance in the industry? [Fir...
by  | On 08 Mar 2021
Indebtedness among the Rural Poor in Kerala
This study intends to understand the magnitude and nature of indebtedness among rural poor households in Kerala. The study d analyses the role played by various sources in meeting the credit requir...
by Aswathi Rebecca Asok | On 08 Mar 2021
Model Nagar Raj Bill: Taking Democracy to the Grassroots
Participation of citizen in local governance is a key component for good governance. It extends the citizens’ role beyond that of a voter . It ensures a more equal distribution of power and resources...
by Kedar Diwan | On 21 Feb 2021
Know Your Publishing Space: Institutional Repositories
Institutional repositories(IRs), if established in various universities, would help bring out the contributions by Indian researchers on the world map, especially in the field of Arts, Humanities, and...
by Shubhada Nagarkar | On 19 Feb 2021
Economic Survey 2020: Chapter 10-The Bare Necessities
Access to “the bare necessities” such as housing, water, sanitation, electricity and clean cooking fuel are a sine qua non to live a decent life. This chapter examines the progress made in providing a...
by Ministry of Finance  | On 30 Jan 2021
Grand Challenges for the Humanities in India:
In January 2019, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) tasked Professors Nirmala Menon (IIT Indore) and Sumathi Ramaswamy (Duke University) with the following: To identify 10 grand challen...
by  | On 18 Jan 2021
eSS Sunday Edit: Humanities and the Public Good
Constitutions and founding principles, including our own, were drafted by those who studied Humanities and its cognate fields, which helped them see far into the future. The plan and vision remains, a...
by Pramod K. Nayar | On 07 Jan 2021
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