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Real is radical: Drop subsidies, offer basic minimum income to farmers
You could run a sensible subsidy and price support system at a fraction of today's cost, and still have enough money left over to offer a more generous income support to all farmers.
by T.N. Ninan | On 02 Jun 2020
Covid-19 Crisis, Pandemic Resilience and Linkages to Land: An Exposition
For a COVID-19 like pandemic, the Achilles heel is an unsuspecting villain – rapid and global land use changes. The way governments, businesses and communities see, relate to and use land, not only in...
by  | On 12 May 2020
Economic Policies for COVID-19
This note describes some of the early policy developments in the UK and the way in which the framing and understanding of a novel economic problem evolved to include a focus on livelihoods combining...
by Paul Anand | On 01 May 2020
Macroprudential Policy in Asian Economies
This paper analyzes the conduct and effects of macroprudential policy in 11 Asian economies. Of these, India, the People’s Republic of China, and the Republic of Korea frequently used loan-to-value ra...
by Soyoung Kim | On 23 Apr 2019
Transformation of Indian Agriculture? Growth, Inclusiveness and Sustainability
This paper provides 10 conclusions on the policies needed to achieve three goals of agricultural development in India. These are : (1) There is a need for change in the narrative in the new context; (...
by S. Mahendra Dev | On 26 Dec 2018
Investment in Research and Development for Basmati Rice in Pakistan
Basmati rice is Pakistan’s celebrated export. After years of growth, Pakistan’s production and export of basmati has slipped and is on a downward trend. The absence of a strong research and developmen...
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 13 Dec 2018
Indian Banks and the Prevention of Corruption Act: Freedom and Discipline
Selfless activists like Mr. Pai teach us the importance of continuously interrogating the functioning of our democracy. The NPA issue has persisted for almost a decade. It has eroded the profitability...
by Ashima Goyal | On 29 Oct 2018
Role of Bank Lending in Financing Green Projects: A Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Approach
This paper develops an environmental dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (E-DSGE) model with heterogeneous production sectors. In particular, the model comprises some low-carbon emission firms that...
by Maria Teresa Punzi | On 19 Oct 2018
Governing the Commons? Water and Power in Pakistan’s Indus Basin
Surface irrigation is a common pool resource characterized by asymmetric appropriation opportunities across upstream and downstream water users. Large canal systems are also predominantly state-manage...
by Hanan G. Jacoby | On 04 Oct 2018
Women’s Land Title Ownership and Empowerment: Evidence from India
This paper examines how women’s participation in family decision-making is affected by land rights in rural areas in India. The 2005 Hindu Succession Act was legislated to protect women’s rights to an...
by Harold Glenn A. Valera | On 26 Sep 2018
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