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How Does Public Debt Affect the Indian Macroeconomy? A Structural VAR Approach
This study investigates the macroeconomic effects of public debt in India using a Structural Vector Auto regression (SVAR) framework for the period from 1980 to 2017. The objective of this study is to...
Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, Sidheswar Panda on  Jan 23, 2019
Examining the Trade-Off Between Price and Financial Stability in India
In recent years, many emerging economies including India have adopted inflation targeting framework. Post the global financial crisis, there is a growing debate on whether monetary policy should targe...
Ila Patnaik, Shalini Mittal, Radhika Pandey on  Jan 23, 2019
What do we Know about Changing Economic Activity of Firms?
Identification of primary economic activity of ¬firms is a prerequisite for compiling several macro aggregates. This paper takes a statistical approach to understand the extent of changes in primary e...
Radhika Pandey, Amey Sapre, Pramod Sinha on  Jan 23, 2019
Responses to Trade Opening: Evidence and Lessons from Asia
In various Asian countries, international trade has raised productivity, lowered mark ups through import competition (while increasing them through cheaper inputs that can be imported), raised wages,...
Devashish Mitra on  Jan 22, 2019
Asian Development Outlook Forecast Accuracy 2007–2016
This paper assesses the accuracy of Asian Development Outlook growth and inflation forecasts for 43 Asian economies from 2007 to 2016, against the benchmark of World Economic Outlook projections by th...
Benno Ferrarini on  Jan 22, 2019
Productivity and Trade Growth in Services: How Services Helped Power Factory Asia
This paper uses a theory-based measure of productivity-based comparative advantage to examine the trade performance of developing Asian economies in manufacturing and services over the 1995–2011 perio...
Ben Shepherd on  Jan 20, 2019
Green Finance in Singapore: Barriers and Solutions
This study reviews how green finance in Singapore is working, examines existing barriers, and suggests some solutions. Singapore, a well-established financial hub in Asia, aims to be a hub for green f...
Youngho Chang on  Jan 20, 2019
The Development of Education and Health Services in Asia and the Role of the State
This paper analyses the dramatic spread of education and healthcare in Asia and also the large variations in that spread across and within countries over fifty years. Apart from differences in initial...
Sudipto Mundle on  Jan 14, 2019
Impact of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers on Gender Equality in India: An Empirical Analysis
Intergovernmental fiscal transfers (IGFT) are, in theory, neither good nor bad for tackling gender inequalities. Fiscal federalism with asymmetry in revenue and expenditure assignments inevitably lead...
Janet G. Stotsky, Lekha Chakraborty, Piyush Gandhi on  Jan 14, 2019
Health and Disaster Risk Management in India
This paper presents an overview of India’s health capacity in managing disaster risks. It looks at demographic, epidemiological and developmental transitions in India and how that impacts decision mak...
Supriya Krishnan, Ila Patnaik on  Jan 14, 2019
Data Localisation in India: Questioning the Means and Ends
This paper classifies the arguments around data localisation into three broad categories - the civil liberties perspective; the government functions perspective and the economic perspective. It examin...
Rishab Bailey, Smriti Parsheera on  Jan 12, 2019
Exporting and Firm Performance: Evidence from India
In this paper the positive correlation between firm productivity and export status is well established. This correlation can arise from multiple alternative casual models. It has investigated these re...
Apoorva Gupta, Ila Patnaik, Ajay Shah on  Jan 12, 2019
UDAY Power Debt in Retrospect and Prospects: Analyzing the Efficiency Parameters
The Government of India launched the Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY), in November 2015, with an objective of “Power for All”. Under the UDAY scheme, selected States agreed to convert 75 per cent...
Amandeep Kaur, Lekha Chakraborty on  Jan 11, 2019
Analyzing the Dynamic Relationship between Physical Infrastructure, Financial Development and Economic Growth in India
The paper investigates dynamic relationship between physical infrastructure, financial development and economic growth in the case of India, using an Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) and Toda-Yam...
Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, N. R. Bhanumurthy on  Jan 11, 2019
Disclosures in Privacy Policies: Does “Notice and Consent” Work?
This paper evaluates the quality of privacy policies of five popular online services in India from the perspective of access and readability. The paper ask – do the policies have specific, unambiguous...
Rishab Bailey, Smriti Parsheera, Faiza Rahman on  Jan 07, 2019
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