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Emerging Markets Perspectives on G-20 led Financial Reforms
The chapter examines progress as well as continuing concerns in G-20 led financial reforms, with particular emphasis on emerging markets (EMs). Although risks remain they are of a lower order of magni...
Ashima Goyal, Akhilesh Verma on  Apr 25, 2019
News, Noise and Indian Business Cycle
New Keynesian Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models with various specifications of technology, markup and interest rate shocks are estimated with Indian data using Kalman filter based p...
Ashima Goyal, Abhishek Kumar on  Apr 25, 2019
When do regulatory interventions work?
Previous studies find mixed results about how a fee on high order-to-trade (OTR) ratios impacts market quality. Using a natural experiment where such a fee was introduced twice for different reasons,...
Nidhi Aggarwal, Venkatesh Panchapagesan, Susan Thomas on  Apr 25, 2019
New Technology and Emerging Occupations: Evidence from Asia
This paper investigates the emergence of new occupations by comparing various classifications of occupations and predicting probabilities to access them given workers’ characteristics. Systematic comp...
Sameer Khatiwada, Mia Kim Maceda Veloso on  Apr 24, 2019
Adverse Selection and Credit Certificates: Evidence from a P2P Platform
Certificates are widely used as a signaling mechanism to mitigate adverse selection when information is asymmetric. To reduce information asymmetry between lenders and borrowers, Chinese peer-to-peer...
Maggie Rong Hu, Xiaoyang Li, Yang Shi on  Apr 24, 2019
Big Data-Based Peer-to-Peer Lending Fintech: Surveillance System through Utilization of Google Play Review
Peer-to-peer lending (P2PL) FinTech is growing rapidly in Indonesia. With its flexibility and simplicity, P2PL reduces the gap in financing that cannot be fulfilled by banks. However, the rapid develo...
Nika Pranata, Alan Ray Farandy on  Apr 23, 2019
Macroprudential Policy in Asian Economies
This paper analyzes the conduct and effects of macroprudential policy in 11 Asian economies. Of these, India, the People’s Republic of China, and the Republic of Korea frequently used loan-to-value ra...
Soyoung Kim on  Apr 23, 2019
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