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eSS Sunday Edit: Do the Liberal Arts Have Any Authority in the Digital Age?
It is likely that the ‘authority’ of the literary text requires a rethinking. The teacher has traditionally been invested with epistemic authority: the legitimate exercise of knowledge and expertise-a...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Pramod K. Nayar | On 17 Oct 2021
Naomi Osaka Starts an Important Conversation
Only someone with the clout of a world champion, the purse of one of the top-paid athletes of the world, and the influence of a millennial social media celebrity can afford to take on the antiquated a...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Vidya Subramanian | On 06 Jun 2021
eSS Sunday Edit: Humanities and the Public Good
Constitutions and founding principles, including our own, were drafted by those who studied Humanities and its cognate fields, which helped them see far into the future. The plan and vision remains, a...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Pramod K. Nayar | On 03 Jan 2021
eSS Sunday Edit: The New Cultures of Learning : Pedagogy Online
With online education, multimodal literacy is poised for a boom. To ensure that the enhancement made possible by this form of literacy reaches more demographics, a radical rethinking of pedagogics see...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Pramod K. Nayar | On 28 Dec 2020
eSS Sunday Edit: Waiting for a Vaccine! Fault lines in Medical Science and Governance Exposed
People’s ability to respond to this crisis is coloured by class, caste, gender and religion and the government’s failure to respond adequately to the needs of its citizens, exposing the ugly underside...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Ravi Duggal | On 25 Oct 2020
eSS Sunday Edit: The Poetics and Politics of Mourning
In the age of publicized mourning and the appropriation of death for grand and often seedy spectacles, the interest in ways of dying has found repeated sparking points. Yet we see how some deaths find...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Pramod K. Nayar | On 27 Sep 2020
eSS Sunday Edit: Languages of COVID’s Cultural Imaginary
Paintings depicting the great plagues in Europe have remained cultural texts for centuries, documenting not just people’s suffering but also social attitudes, official responses and theological-eschat...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Pramod K. Nayar | On 29 Aug 2020
The Sunday Edit: Sports in/and Schools: Let’s play safe!
Money-spinning school sports tournaments and games are about to be revived, albeit with COVID restrictions, even as sports grounds in schools are deteriorating and disappearing. The National Educatio...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Padma Prakash | On 02 Aug 2020
The Sunday Edit: Communicating science in pandemic times
The pandemic has inevitably prompted a spike in the coverage of science, in the form of medical research and health sciences. Will this lead to better attention to science in the media? Will it promp...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Padma Prakash | On 28 Jun 2020
The Sunday Edit: Sports without Spectators: Good for Now, But Hardly the New Normal
Watching the first post-Covid football match in the German League was an experience, but even when all the new technologies that will make the experience real are in play it will not be the same as wa...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Vidya Subramanian | On 14 Jun 2020
The Sunday Edit: Challenges of the Pandemic: Confronting Harsh Realities
Measures to control/mitigate the spread of the disease appear to be surprisingly ill informed about the living and working conditions of the urban millions who support the life and work of the city’s...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Udaya S. Mishra | On 07 Jun 2020
The Sunday Edit: Exodus of Migrants from Urban Areas
Imaginative policies that simultaneously address rural and urban livelihood issues have to be put in place without delay to address the issue of labour migrants that has come into focus since the star...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by R. B. Bhagat | On 31 May 2020
The next Gold Rush: Medical and health data
The messy, digital data-rich universe that is emerging rapidly is being nurtured and bolstered by powerful tech companies. Whatever the potential benefits for human welfare, the development is posing...
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Anurag Mehra | On 24 May 2020
The Sunday Edit: Lengthening Shadows
The Paris attacks should warn us that the threat from ISIS is real and poses a challenge to the security environment in India.
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by Reshmi Kazi | On 20 Dec 2015
The Sunday Edit: The Music of Relativity
It’s a hundred years since Einstein laid out the fundamental landscape of the General Theory of Relativity and changed the human construct of our universe.
Category: eSS The Sunday Edit
by S Srinivasan | On 13 Dec 2015
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