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Himachal Pradesh Budget 2017-18
The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Shri Virbhadra Singh, presented a budget on 10 March 2017 fo...
10 Mar 2017
Budget 2017-18: Business as Usual
Budget 2017-18 was presented at the time when the global situation is inhospitable, marked with pro...
01 May 2017
Delhi Budget: 2017-18
Finance Minister of Delhi Shri Manish Sisodia presented the budget of Delhi.
08 Mar 2017
Chhattisgarh Budget 2017-18
Chhattisgarh budget speech by Hon. Finance minister Raman Singh.
06 Mar 2017
Haryana Budget : 2017-18
Haryana Budget presented by Hon'ble Minister Capt. Abhimanyu.
07 Mar 2017
Kerala Budget 2017-18
Kerala budget presented by Hon.Finance Minister Thomas Issac.
03 Mar 2017
Odisha General Budget : 2017-18
General Budget of Odisha presented by the Finance Minister.
27 Feb 2017
Odisha Agriculture Budget : 2017-18
The first part is the Agriculture Budget, which not only covers the outlay and programmes relating...
27 Feb 2017
Assam Budget Analysis 20 17 - 18
The Finance Minister of Assam , MrHimanta Biswa Sarma presented the Budget for Assam for financial...
08 Feb 2017
Union Budget: A Window of Opportunity for Our Children?
In the context of social sector and particularly for children, the Union Budgets have disappointed...
04 Feb 2017
What Do the Numbers Tell? An Analysis of Union Budget 2017-18
Budget 2017-18 is placed at an important juncture when there has been a thrust by the government fo...
01 Feb 2017
Union Budget 2017-18: Social Sector Largesse Does Not Tell the Whole Story
While there has been a a big jump in allocations to health overall, there is no indication that it w...
01 Feb 2017
Budget Speech 2017-18
Budget speech by Finance Minister of India, Mr.Arun Jaitley.
01 Feb 2017
Union Budget 2017-18: Budget Speech
Union Budget 2017-18: Budget Speech by Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley
01 Feb 2017
Economic Survey 2016-17
This year has been marked by several historic economic policy developments. On the domestic side, a...
31 Jan 2017
Budget in the Time of Demonetisation
Demonetisation is a weapon to stop the black money in the country. But cash is only a small portion...
27 Jan 2017
Safety of Women in Public Spaces in Delhi: Governance and Budgetary Challenges
The study attempts to highlight some of the major hurdles in Delhi’s governance and fiscal policy i...
01 Jan 2017
Demonetisation: A Positive Effect on Budget to Channelise Nation's Growth Prospects
The aim of this article is to present that the Positive effect of demonetisation on upcoming budget...
25 Jan 2017
Vehicular Pollution in Indian Cities: What can the Central Budget do?
Indian cities are facing the problem of severe air pollution and vehicles are a major source. The ec...
24 Jan 2017
Dealing with GST in the Union Budget 2017
Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a harmonized tax regime and it can curb black money through practici...
23 Jan 2017
Escalating Pollution Threats in Urbanising Indian Cities
Rapid urbanisation with an increase in urban population from 28.3% (in 1950) to 50% (in 2010) is wit...
16 Jan 2017
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