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Nuclearisation, Human Rights, and Ethics
Published By: PUCL on eSS, Mumbai, India | Published Date: December, 14 , 2006
Nuclear weapons have security, economic and political implications. In the ultimate analysis, however , the issue of nuclear weapons is an ethical question. It is question or right and wrong, good and evil, morality. Now that the tests are over and weaponization is on the agenda, Indian scientists must move forward. They must stop (a) the jingoistic exploitation of the nuclear and missile programme by forces with short-term political interests, (b) the erosion of democracy, (c) the further diversion of scientific talent away from the problems of the poor towards military applications of science and (d) an arms race with our neighbours. They must contribute to the process of international disarmament. And above, all they must turn their attention to the historic mission of giving all Indians- and particularly the underprivileged - a better life and least in the next century.
Author(s): Amulya K.N. Reddy | Posted on: Dec 14, 2006 | Views(2462) | Download (543)
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