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Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies undertook the Small grants programme on Gender and Social Issues to address research gaps in research on reporductive health
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Involuntary Childlessness Among The Middle Classes In Vadodara City

The research focuses on experiences of involuntary childlessness among women and men and societal perceptions of the state of childlessness. A significant aspect of the research is the gendered unders...

Section: Research/Project Reports

by Bhamini Mehta | On 13 Apr 2007

Reproductive Health Practices And Health Seeking Behaviour Of Female Sex Workers in Tamil Nadu

This paper is about the research study of health practices and health-seeking behaviour of the Female Sex Workers for their reproductive health needs in terms of pregnancy and postpartum care, contra...

Section: Working Papers

by Rachna Williams | On 04 Dec 2006

Relevance of Trained Traditional Birth Attendants in Maternal Health Case Study of Tehri Garhwal District Uttaranchal State

The methodology had two parts - secondary data analysis and a descriptive cross sectional study. Secondary date analysis was carried our using a sample of 1,028 men and 1,028 women in the reproductive...

Section: Working Papers

by Pratibha Esther Singh | On 16 Sep 2006

Re-Activating Primary Health Centres Through Industrial Partnership in Tamilnadu Is it a Sustainable Model of Partnership?

Kerala’s success in human development demonstrated that efficient functioning of government health care delivery system opens the doors of prosperity for the poor and vulnerable sections of the popu...

Section: Working Papers

by Varatharajan D | On 21 Jun 2006

HIV Counselling, Testing And Referrel Services in Mental Health Care Settings in Kolkata- A Provider Perspective

The main objective f this paper id to assess the adherence of and barriers to HIV counseling, testing and referral services on the part of the providers.

Section: Working Papers

by Arupkumar Chakrabartty | On 04 Nov 2005

Gender, Caste, Class, and Health Care Access

The research discussed in the report revisits the notion of access to health care in Koppal, an economically disadvantaged district in northern Karnataka. This issue is important to households experie...

Section: Research/Project Reports

by Aditi Iyer | On 26 Jun 2005

Negotiating Reproductive Health Neds In A Conflict Situation In The Kashmir Valley

The years of turmoil in the Kashmir valley have resulted in a breakdown of the state machinery, especially the health infrastructure, with the breakdown of peripheral facilities and the migration of d...

Section: Research/Project Reports

by Zamrooda Khanday | On 26 Jun 2005

Men's Participation In Reproductive Health: A Study Of Some Villages In Andhra Pradesh

In the context of the new perspective that looks at men as potential partners in reproductive health, this study focuses on how men’s participation encourages women to utilise health services for impr...

Section: Research/Project Reports

by G Rama Padma | On 26 Jun 2005

Health Seeking Behaviour And Delays In Diagnosis And Treatment In Patients Reporting With Cough Of Three Weeks Or More To Tuberculosis Units & Microscopy Centres In East Sikkim

The objective of this paper is to study the health seeking behaviour in patients reporting with cough of 3 weeks or more to Tuberculosis Units & Microscopy Centres in East District of Sikkim and to...

Section: Working Papers

by Karma Jigme Tobgay | On 11 Jul 2004

Policy Barriers Preventing Access to Emergency Obstetric Care in Rural India

The paper is based on study of policies, research reports and experience of working in the area of maternal health over last several years. The paper describes how policies restrict basic doctors*fr...

Section: Working Papers

by Dileep V. Mavalankar | On 07 Dec 2003

Perinatal and Neonatal Mortality in Rural Punjab A Community Based Case-Control Study

The study aimed at identifying social and biomedical risk factors attributable to perinatal and neonatal mortality (PN, NNM) in rural Punjab.

Section: Research/Project Reports

by Rohina Joshi | On 30 Aug 2003