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Redressing Violence Against Women in COVID 19: Experience of Hospital-based Centres in Mumbai, India

The pandemic has brought a sharp focus on the issue of domestic violence. Over the last few months while COVID 19 has in general led to deaths and disruption of lives, it has, in particular, been an e...

Section: Reports

by Sangeeta Rege | On 01 Nov 2020

Gender in Medical Education: Perceptions of Medical Educators

Over the last few decades, systematic critiques of medicine and public health curricula in India have highlighted many lapses in the inclusion of social determinants of health in medical education. ...

Section: Reports

by Priya John | On 01 Jan 2015

Health of Muslims in Maharashtra

This report is an effort to understand the health status of Muslims in Maharashtra. The report is based on analysis of National Family Health Surveys (NFHS), District Level Household Surveys (DLHS)...

Section: Reports

by Sana Contractor | On 01 Sep 2014

Basic Procedures to be Followed in Sexual Assault Cases: Towards Guidelines for Support Groups and Others

This note is meant for all those individuals who want to assist sexual assault / rape survivors in their quest for legal justice. Of utmost importance is provision of psycho social support to survivo...

Section: Reports

by ... CEHAT | On 01 Dec 2013

Ethical Guidelines for Counselling Women Facing Domestic Violence

This document lays down ethical principles and guidelines to inform counselling practice in the best interest of the client. Ethical principles include Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Veracity...

Section: General

by ... CEHAT | On 01 Jan 2013

Mapping Budget Processes in the Public Health Sector in Maharashtra

This study looked at budget processes related to health in two districts of Maharashtra and found that there was a significant variation in the way budget estimation was practiced at the level of Prim...

Section: Reports

by Prashant Raymus | On 01 Jul 2012

Establishing a Comprehensive Health Sector Response to Sexual Assault

CEHAT is the first institution in India to have directly engaged with the public health sector to develop a health-system based model to respond to sexual assault. This initiative, which began in 200...

Section: Reports

by ... CEHAT | On 01 Apr 2012

Living on the Margins: Prawn Harvesters from Little Rannof Kutch (An Exploratory Study of Health Status)

CEHAT in collaboration with Anandi designed and carried out the present study to document the living conditions of the prawn harvesters and availability and access to essential services. The study als...

Section: Reports

by Anagha Pradhan | On 04 Nov 2011

Hospital based Crisis Centre for Domestic Violence: The Dilassa Model

The brief is based on the experience and the success of a hospital based Crisis Centres for women facing domestic violence in Mumbai - Dilaasa. It is a joint initiative of the MCGM and CEHAT, establ...

Section: Policy Briefs

by ... CEHAT | On 01 Nov 2011

Private Health Sector in Maharashtra: A Study of Private Hospitals

The study was conducted across 261 private hospitals from 10 districts of Maharashtra, Nashik, Nandurbar, Pune, Satara, Thane, Ratnagiri, Osmanabad, Aurangabad, Amravati and Gadchiroli. Greater Mum...

Section: Working Papers

by Padma Deosthali | On 01 Jul 2011

Feminist Response to Attempted Suicide: A Model for Public Health Intervention

This is a research based paper which has taken cognizance of violence and suicide together. Background understanding of domestic violence in relation to ongoing physical, sexual or psychological and e...

Section: Working Papers

by Padma Deosthali | On 07 Mar 2011

Responding to Violence Against Women: Role of Health Care Providers

Report of a training workshop for health care providers on responding to violence organised by the Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT), Mumbai.

Section: Reports

by Yavnika Tanwar | On 28 Dec 2010

Guidelines for Health Professionals in Responding to Women Facing Violence

This is a guidelines for health professionals on methods and need of counseling and helping the victims of violence.

Section: General

by ... CEHAT | On 20 Dec 2010

Dignity on Trial

The report discusses the problems posed by one of the most archaic forensic procedures still in use: the finger test. [CEHAT].

Section: Reports

by Human Rights Watch | On 15 Sep 2010

A Comprehensive Health Sector Response to Sexual Assault: Does the Delhi High Court Judgement Pave the Way?

The experiences of introducing the Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence (SAFE) kit, which is developed to ensure correct collection of evidence in two public hospitals in Mumbai, to examine the provisions...

Section: Working Papers

by Jagadeesh N | On 17 Jun 2010

Punishing the Poor? A Look at Evidence and Action Regarding User Fees in Health Care

This policy brief aims to summarise evidence and discuss various concerns about charging user fees from a low-income perspective.

Section: Policy Briefs

by ... CEHAT | On 15 Feb 2010

Response of Health System to Sexual Violence: An exploratory study of six health facilities in two districts of Maharashtra

Sexual violence is a highly stigmatising form of violence. Precisely because of this it is invisible to the public, policy makers and agencies that need to respond to it. The public health system is...

Section: Reports

by Amita Pitre | On 20 Dec 2009

Indian Elderly Among Marginal Sections Programmes and Policies in the Era of Globalisation

This paper is an attempt to bring out different needs of elders from different backgrounds and socio-economic groups. The main aim of the paper is to help policy makers in identifying these difference...

Section: Working Papers

by Habibullah Ansari | On 02 Aug 2007

Reproductive Health: Case Laws

This draft chapter of a reader on Health Care Case Laws in India addresses the following issues: Have reproductive rights been recognized in India? What has been the approach of the courts towards rep...

Section: Books

by Vijay Hiremat | On 30 Jun 2007

Health and Healthcare in Assam-A Status Report

This report is a comprehensive and analytical compilation of health care development of Assam bringing together all available information and data on health and health care.

Section: Reports

by Indranee Dutta | On 09 May 2007

Disability, Health and Human Rights

This paper addresses the issue of disability and its public health implications within the human rights framework. It also throws light on people with physical disabilities at least get noticed but th...

Section: General

by Leni Chaudhari | On 01 Nov 2006

Review of Healthcare in India

The political economy of health care services in India has various dimensions. Multiple systems, various types of ownership patterns and different kinds of delivery structures make up a complex plural...

Section: Reports

by Dr. Leena Gangolli | On 01 Jan 2005

Moving Towards Right to Health Care

This a policy brief of the Right to Health.

Section: Policy Briefs

by ... CEHAT | On 15 Feb 2004

Declining Trends in Public Health Expenditure in Maharashtra

This analysis of the trends in public health expenditure in Maharashtra shows that the State has to become more proactive in raising resources being allocated to the health sector. The level of publi...

Section: General

by Ravi Duggal | On 03 Jan 2003

Financing of Disease Control Programs in India

The report analyzes the present case scenario of the disease control programs in India.

Section: Reports

by Ravi Duggal | On 15 Feb 1996