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IZA is a private, independent research institute, which conducts nationally and internationally oriented labor market research. It is closely associated with the Economics Department of the University of Bonn, Germany.

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Social Interactions and Stigmatized Behavior: “Donating” Blood Plasma in Rural China

Despite the resultant disutility, some people, in particular, the poor, are engaged in behaviors that carry social stigma. Empirical studies on stigmatized behavior are rare, largely due to the form...

Institute: Institute for the Study of Labour(IZA)

by sanjay kumar | On 01 Mar 2018

Connecting the Disconnected: Improving Education and Employment Outcomes Among Disadvantaged Youth

In this paper we will briefly review recent trends in employment outcomes for disadvantaged youth, focusing specifically on those who have become "disconnected" from school and the labor market, and w...

Institute: Institute for the Study of Labour(IZA)

by Leda Gose | On 01 Apr 2013

Changing Norms about Gender Inequality in Education: Evidence from Bangladesh

This paper examines norms about gender equality of the education of children and adults in Bangladesh using a recent household survey for two cohorts of married women. Education norms are found to dif...

Institute: Institute for the Study of Labour(IZA)

by Lucy Theaker | On 01 Aug 2014