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Authors Name: T.N. Ninan
Re-inventing the Congress
Congress should have long goals, energy, media strategy, good governance to come back to power.
On 21 May 2016
Bofors Redux
Whether it was the Bofors gun in 1986 or Italian helicopters in 2012, a leak or disclosure at the source overseas is like dynamite, and usually impossible to refute.
On 30 Apr 2016
Action vs Planning
Can the targets of achieving high economic growth be achieved without planning?
On 24 Apr 2016
Maritime Failures
India's trade infrastructure is in a bad shape. India's imports are very high than its exports. The government has promised some investments and policies in this sector.
On 16 Apr 2016
Bharat Mata ki jal
The total quantum of water supply has barely improved since Independence, while demand has exploded.
On 27 Mar 2016
Is the Worst over for Banks?
Many stalled projects are about to get going again, providing potential relief to banks
On 19 Mar 2016
Middle Class is among the Better Off, They Need to Pay More
When the state is unable to provide adequately for the bottom half of the population, should it be giving tax benefits to the well-off?
On 05 Mar 2016
Narendra Modi, Mark II
Has Narendra Modi re-set his political sights? What's there in the Budget?
On 29 Feb 2016
Making and Faking
It is true that India is having improvements in the economic fronts. But what are the real numbers? Why does the government say exaggerated numbers?
On 20 Feb 2016
A Modi Index?
One way to do a reality check on the official numbers will be to develop a desi version of what came to be called the Li index in China.
On 06 Feb 2016
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