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Anger Management: Aggression and Punishment in the Provision of Public Goods
The ability to punish free-riders can increase the provision of public goods. However, sometimes the benefit of increased public good provision is outweighed by the costs of punishments. One reason a...
by  | On 21 Feb 2017
Caste Connections and Government Transfers: The Mahadalits of Bihar
The category of Scheduled Castes, created for the purpose of affirmative action in India, is large, heterogeneous and unequal. In 2007, the state of Bihar classified the most disadvantaged among thi...
by Hemanshu Kumar | On 16 Feb 2017
Family, Community, and Educational Outcomes in South Asia
In this article, we review research on the economics and sociology of education to assess the relationships between family and community variables and children’s educational outcomes in South Asia. At...
by  | On 14 Feb 2017
Child Labour and Educational Disadvantage – Breaking the Link, Building Opportunity
Compulsory education has a vital role to play in eradicating child labour. Getting children out of work and into school could provide an impetus for poverty reduction and the development of skills nee...
by  | On 14 Feb 2017
What Do the Numbers Tell? An Analysis of Union Budget 2017-18
Budget 2017-18 is placed at an important juncture when there has been a thrust by the government for a digitised and a consequent cashless economy with the demonetisation of high value currency note...
by Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability CBGA | On 03 Feb 2017
Budget Speech 2017-18
Budget speech by Finance Minister of India, Mr.Arun Jaitley.
by Arun Jaitley | On 01 Feb 2017
Economic Survey 2016-17
This year has been marked by several historic economic policy developments. On the domestic side, a constitutional amendment paved the way for the long-awaited and transformational goods and services...
by Arun Jaitley | On 31 Jan 2017
Study of Environment can lead to Human Development
Reveiw of ‘Population, Health and Environment’ Edited by Sayeed Unisa, T.V. Sekher, Chander Shekhar, Abhishek Singh, L.K.Dwivedi and M.R. Pradhan by Rawat Pubslishers.
by Manisha Karne | On 30 Jan 2017
Budget in the Time of Demonetisation
Demonetisation is a weapon to stop the black money in the country. But cash is only a small portion of black money. Also the economy has been affected by this step. How will the government tackle this...
by Rakesh Mumbai | On 27 Jan 2017
The Geography of Poverty, Disasters and Climate Extremes in 2030
This report, The geography of poverty, disasters and climate extremes in 2030, examines the relationship between disasters and poverty. It concludes that, without concerted action, there could be up t...
by  | On 23 Jan 2017
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