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Taking an Ecosystems Approach: Samarthan’s Work on Rural Poverty in India
Rural poverty continues to be a scourge in India, affecting tens of millions of households despite years of strong economic growth for the country overall. In 2005, the government of India created the...
by Government of India & Employment | On 26 Jul 2017
Gender Equality Results Case Study: India - Urban Water Supply and Environmental Improvement Project
The Urban Water Supply and Environmental Improvement Project sought to provide basic services of water supply, sanitation, and garbage collection and disposal in four cities in Madhya Pradesh, India.
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 26 Jul 2017
Gender Equality Results Case Study: Bangladesh - Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development Project
The report narrates that in Bangladesh, women-owned SMEs have different characteristics when compared with men-owned SMEs and tend to face specific challenges and obstacles.
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 25 Jul 2017
Sustainable Energy Access Planning: A Framework
This report presents a framework for sustainable energy access planning that planners and policy makers can use to design cost-effective clean energy supply systems that both poor and nonpoor can sust...
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 24 Jul 2017
East Asia Department Knowledge Management Initiatives in 2014
This annual publication showcases the results of knowledge management initiatives of the East Asia Department of the Asian Development Bank in 2014.
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 24 Jul 2017
Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2015 Supplement: Growth Prospects Soften for Developing Asia
The growth forecast for developing countries in Asia in 2015 is cut to 6.1% from 6.3%, amidst slower-than-expected economic activity in the United States and the People’s Republic of China.
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 21 Jul 2017
Households' Inflation Expectations in India: Role of Economic Policy Uncertainty and Global Financial Uncertainty Spill-over
Inflation expectations are an important marker for the conduct of monetary policy. Using a Bayesian structural VAR-X model that includes the inflation expectations of general public based on the Infla...
by Taniya Ghosh | On 21 Jul 2017
Domestic Value Added Content of India's Exports: Estimates for 112 Sectors, 1999-2000 to 2012-13
Using Input-Output (IO) analysis, this study provides the time series estimates of domestic value added (DVA) content of India's merchandise and services exports for the period 1999-2000 to 2012-13 an...
by Veeramani C | On 21 Jul 2017
Trade Facilitation for a More Inclusive and Connected Asia and Pacific Region: Progress and Way Forward
This study also describes trade facilitation projects that promote development through deepening regional cooperation and integration.
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 14 Jul 2017
Maldives: Overcoming the Challenges of a Small Island State
This report provides support to the Maldivian government in formulating its high-priority policies by identifying the critical constraints to achieving inclusive growth. The report also provides polic...
by Asian Development Bank Institute | On 12 Jul 2017
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