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Authors Name: Nidhi Aggarwal

Impact of India's Demonetization on Domestic Agricultural Markets

This paper estimates the impact on domestic trade in agricultural commodities of India's demonetization exercise that invalidated 86% of the currency in circulation. Using data on arrivals and prices...

On 10 Dec 2017

The Long Road to Transformation of Agricultural Markets in India: Lessons from Karnataka

This paper examines Karnataka's pioneering agricultural output marketing reforms with the twin goals of assessing the state and challenges of implementation and to glean lessons from Karnataka's expe...

On 02 May 2017

Limits to Arbitrage: The Case of Single Stock Futures and Spot Prices

Market frictions limit arbitrage, but these frictions affect different stocks differently. Using intraday data on a liquid single stock futures and spot market, we examine the arbitrage efficiency of...

On 02 May 2016

Do Changes in Distance-to-default Anticipate Changes in the Credit Rating?

Distance-to-default (DtD) from the Merton model has been used in the credit risk literature, most successfully as an input into reduced form models for forecasting default. [WP-2012-010]. URL:[http:...

On 10 Apr 2012