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Authors Name: Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy CSTEP

RE-Energising Karnataka: An Assessment of Renewable Energy Policies, Challenges and Opportunities

The report narrates that Karnataka has about 30,000 MW of officially estimated Renewable Energy (RE) potential, making it one of the country’s top five RE-rich states.

On 13 Oct 2017

A Sustainable Development Framework for India’s Climate Policy: Interim Report

This study’s framework could serve as an alternative development paradigm for India and other developing countries.

On 14 Aug 2017

Transitioning Towards a Green Economy in Karnataka

This report focused on agriculture, buildings, industries, transport, and power supply – sectors that account for all the state’s energy requirement and over 70% of its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission...

On 14 Aug 2017

24x7 Power for All: Strategies for Karnataka

The report concludes with the strategies that Karnataka should focus on in order to achieve the objectives of 24x7 Power for All.

On 31 Jul 2017

Technology Options for the Sanitation Value Chain

The compendium details the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the different technology options, and also describes the different types of systems formed as a combination of the technolog...

On 28 Jul 2017

Electric Buses in India: Technology, Policy and Benefits

The current policy climate in India is rightly addressing the challenges of electric buses, providing an environment to accelerate their adoption and implementation.

On 27 Jul 2017

Fuel Blending in India: Learnings and Way Forward

The expert paper further estimates significant potential for an overall improvement in balance of trade with increased blending in the context of an expected recovery in global crude oil prices.

On 27 Jul 2017

Re-Assessment of India’s On-shore Wind Power Potential

Wind energy is a very important contributor in the global power sector, today, contributing nearly 4% of overall electricity generation. The main drivers include energy security, climate change and en...

On 01 Jun 2016