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Authors Name: Lakshmi Priya

Social Infrastructure: Way Forward

The tenth chapter of Economic Survey 2018 has sown that investments in social infrastructure and human development has paid off well. The policies and schemes have also been mentioned in detail. The g...

On 31 Jan 2018

Encouraging Women to be Entrepreneurs

There are many states in India which have high number of women entrepreneurs. There are states which have many policies to encourage women entrepreneurs.

On 30 Aug 2016

Gender Wage Gaps among Regular Employed Persons

The gender wage gaps in Indian states and the wage gaps among educated people are shown.

On 27 May 2016

Populations at Risk: Other End of Youth Bulge

While there is much written on the youth bulge in developing countries, little is being done to address the problems of the elderly. And yet demographically, it is this section that is showing high gr...

On 10 Oct 2011

CEHAT-MU Seminar Poster

Poster of the conference

On 17 Sep 2010

Schedule of the Seminar by CEHAT-MU

Schedule for the conference

On 17 Sep 2010

Concept Note for the Seminar

Concept note for the seminar

On 17 Sep 2010

Disabled Elderly in India

Very few studies show the association between gender, marital status, living arrangements and disability among older adults in India. The study seeks to understand the gender, marital status, usual ac...

On 19 Jun 2007

Towards Sustainable Global Health

Comments about the different sessions in the conference is given here.

On 29 May 2007

SAARC Summit: Social sector development as cementing factor

It is a pleasant surprise that the 14th SAARC Summit should come up with decisive noises on the urgent need to accelerate progress in South Asia towards the Millennium Development Goals.

On 18 Apr 2007

Language Politics: Learning English

States are struggling to find the right language formula in education, giving rise to political agendas around language teaching. How early should English be introduced in the school curriculum? Shoul...

On 03 Apr 2007

Union budget 2007-08: Have the Elderly Benefited?

While new schemes like reverse mortgage on houses show a measure of some serious thought going into the structuring of programmes for the elderly, the Union Budget 2007-08 falls short of comprehensive...

On 21 Mar 2007