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Authors Name: Douglas H. Brooks

Bilateral Trade and Food Security

We analyze the relationship between food security and trade, focusing on food importers’ exposure to sudden market failures from relying on a narrow range of international suppliers. We compute a bil...

On 20 Jan 2014

Industrial and Competition Policy: Conflict or Complementarity?

Developing countries in Asia debate the following policy question: Should we allocate scarce resources to promote competition and thereby procure resulting efficiency gains, or would we do better to f...

On 15 Feb 2011

Infrastructure and Asia’s Trade Costs

Infrastructure services play a significant role in trade costs by reducing distribution margins, lowering prices, and raising consumer welfare. They also lower transaction costs, add value, and inc...

On 11 Feb 2011

Asian Trade and Global Linkages

In the run-up to the 2008 global financial crisis, there was frequent discussion of Asia having decoupled from economic shock transmission originating in Europe or North America. Much of the basis f...

On 29 Oct 2010

Regional Cooperation, Infrastructure, and Trade Costs in Asia

International trade has played an essential role in Asia’s remarkable growth, development, and integration in recent decades. Infrastructure, both hard and soft, has played an integral part in facil...

On 28 Oct 2010

Linking Asia’s Trade, Logistics, and Infrastructure

Infrastructure services, from both hard and soft infrastructure, play a vital role in facilitating Asia’s export-led growth by keeping the prices of delivered goods in export markets competitive. Ef...

On 28 Oct 2010