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Authors Name: Environmental Management & Policy Research Institute

Bumpy Road Ahead for Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is important sector for Indian economy. The agricultural growth output and rural income has to increase, only then can we think of an all-inclusive development of the economy. The problems...

On 17 Feb 2016

Review- A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at the New York Times

Review of A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at the New York Times. Bullfrog Films, 2014. documentary film, DVD, 75 minutes., H-Net Reviews. Review-

On 12 Feb 2016

Deepening India’s Engagement with the LDCs: An in-depth Analysis of India’s Duty-free Tariff Preference Scheme

India’s engagement with Africa through trade, investment, aid and technological collaboration can support growth and structural transformation in African economies. This paper, which is part of a majo...

On 02 Feb 2016

Beyond Drugs: TB Patients in Bangladesh need Urgent Attention for Nutrition Support during Convalescene

This study measures the nutritional status (using Body Mass Index or BMI) of TB patients before, at two months, and after completion of TB treatment (DOTS) to study the changes during treatment and it...

On 29 Oct 2015

Book Review: Inventing the Way of the Samurai: Nationalism, Internationalism, and Bushido in Modern Japan

Review of Inventing the Way of the Samurai: Nationalism, Internationalism, and Bushido in Modern Japan. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. 304 pp. Rs 6424 (Hardcover)

On 14 Oct 2015

Book Review: The Kojiki: An Account of Ancient Matters

Review of The Kojiki: An Account of Ancient Matters by O no Yasumaro. Translated by Gustav Heldt. New York: Columbia University Press, 2014. 312 pp. Rs 1653/- (paper), ISBN 978-0-231-16389-7.

On 12 Oct 2015

Youth Participation in Civil Society and Political Life in Bihar

This policy brief documents the participation of youth in Bihar in civil society, the extent to which they uphold secular attitudes and their perceptions about and participation in political processe...

On 12 May 2015

Odisha State Youth Policy: Framework-2013

The Odisha State Youth Policy 2013 aims to give a strategic direction and make timely interventions to enable the youth to get the best out of the changing scenario in the state and the country due to...

On 12 May 2015

Potential and Prospects for Philanthropy in Implementing Post-2015 Development Goals

This paper outlines the changing profile of philanthropists and developments in philanthropic practice, and suggests how philanthropy can be harnessed for sustainable development beyond 2015. Along...

On 07 May 2015

Disputes, (de)Politicization and Democracy: Interstate Water Disputes in India

Interstate water disputes in India often prolong over long periods and tend to recur. The Cauvery dispute tribunal was constituted in 1990 and the final award was given in 2007, after 17 years. The...

On 28 Apr 2015

India in Figures 2013

This reports reflects development in the fields of population, Human development index, labour and houses, employment, prices, agriculture, industry.

On 24 Apr 2015

The World Water Development Report 2014: Water and Energy

The World Water Development Report is produced by the World Water Assessment Programme, a programme of UN-Water hosted by UNESCO, and is the result of the joint efforts of the UN agencies and entities...

On 13 Mar 2015

Book Review: Citizenship and Its Discontents: An Indian History

Review of Citizenship and Its Discontents: An Indian History. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2013. viii + 366 pp. $45.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-674-06684-7.

On 09 Feb 2015

Karnataka State Action Plan on Climate Change: 1st Assessment

This document represents the first action plan on climate change adopted by Government of Karnataka. Assessments and conclusions presented are based on published research and data. The present knowled...

On 12 May 2014

A Study on Market Survey of Reusable e-Products and Recyclable e-Components

This report, Market Survey of Reusable and Recycled e-products looks at how e-Waste is a source of raw material which can and should be put back into manufacturing. More so, the life of components /eq...

On 12 May 2014