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Authors Name: Anjali P Iyer

Prakriti Karyashala Case Studies: Bringing Balance to the Ecosystem: Restoring Degraded Wildlife Habitats

Restoring wildlife habitat around Shivnagari, Ajmer, Rajasthan has ensured that domestic animals of the village are no longer under threat. This has also meant better pastureland for the cattle with...

On 13 Feb 2021

Prakriti Karyashala Case Studies: Regain and Regenerate Creating Accountability for the Commons

The mere passing of laws and regulations to preserve village commons, regenerate natural resources and enrich villages does not ensure their operationalisation. What is needed is a concerted attempt t...

On 23 Jan 2021

Prakriti Karyashala Case Studies: Shahpura Explores Innovative Ways of Governing the Commons

This case study describes is how a village, Shahpura, collectively saved its common land, developed a plantation and innovated a way to water it regularly wihout adding to women’s burden. It is a part...

On 18 Jan 2021

Prakriti Karyashala Case Studies:Reclaiming Commons - Restoring and Protecting Grazing Lands from Illegal Dumping

While tourism may support a town economy, it can also damage the environment and ecology of the surrounding villages and destroy common grazing lands. Here’s how two villages fought to preserve their...

On 06 Dec 2020

Prakriti Karyashala Case Studies: Villagers Unite Against Illegal Mining

In Sawar village in Ajmer, over the years private mining companies, extracting stone and marble that is exported all over the world, have progressively encroached on village common lands. Not only h...

On 27 Nov 2020

Prakriti Karyshala: Case Studies Ecomanagement: Mapping and Securing Commons

Prakriti Karyashala, launched in 2012 through the Foundation for Ecological Security (FES), to respond to the rising needs of rural communities to respond to ecological change. It trains a cadre of f...

On 20 Nov 2020