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Authors Name: Bishwanath Goldar

Country Origin of Foreign Direct Investment in Indi an Manufacturing and Its Impact on Productivity of Domestic Firms

The paper investigated the productivity enhancing e ffects of FDI in Indian manufacturing firms, with a particular focus on the differences in FDI i mpact according to the county of origin of FDI....

On 19 Apr 2018

Energy Intensity of Indian Manufacturing Firms: Effect of Energy Prices, Technology and Firm Characteristics

The paper examines the factors that influence energy intensity in Indian industries. It has two parts. In the first part, trends in energy intensity are analysis and cross-industry panel data (taken...

On 13 May 2010

Impact on India of Tariff and Quantitative Restrictions under WTO

This paper assesses the impact of India’s unilateral tariff reductions and lowering of quantitative restrictions since 1991. It then evaluates the WTO commitments on nonagricultural market access in...

On 21 Apr 2006