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Authors Name: HAQ Centre for Child Rights HAQCRC

The Development of Global Responses to Child, Early and Forced Marriages

This report attempts to map the history of global responses to eradicate child marriage. However, child marriage is not an isolated issue, as it often encompasses early and forced marriages, though th...

On 21 Nov 2017

Union Budget: A Window of Opportunity for Our Children?

In the context of social sector and particularly for children, the Union Budgets have disappointed the marginalized community and the Union Budget 2017-18 further pushed its children to the peripher...

On 06 Feb 2017

From Struggle to Law Reform: Eliminating Incarceration of Children as adults in Jails in India

India’s juvenile Justice Law started its journey in 1919-20 with Indian Jail Committee’s recommendation that children be removed from Jails. This mandate remains unfulfilled till date. One will stil...

On 23 Dec 2016

Rehabilitating Children in Conflict with the Law: Opportunities and Challenges

While discussing about the problems and issues faced by children in India, we have overlooked a category of children that are almost always overlooked are the ‘Children in Conflict with the Law’. Man...

On 24 Oct 2016

Budget for Children 2016-2017: Not Even Halfway through its Demographic Dividend

The share of children in the Union Budget 2016-17 goes up to 3.32% showing a slight increase from 3.26% in the last years Budget 2015.

On 01 Mar 2016

Statement 22: Recognition of Budget for Children in India

This paper traces the process of recognition of children’s budget and the introduction of Statement 22- Budget Provisions for Schemes for the Welfare of Children in the Expenditure Budget Volume 1. I...

On 08 Feb 2016

Report of the National Consultation on "Children and Governance: In the Context of Federalism and Devolution"

Economists and experts have been batting for bringing the fiscal federalism, the activist fora has been criticizing the newly brought in fiscal arrangements between Centre and States. This contradict...

On 28 Jan 2016

Budget for Children in Meghalaya 2015-16

Budgets are the most solid expression of a government’s priorities, performances, decisions and intentions both at the national as well as the level of the states. This budget for children (BfC) in Me...

On 08 Dec 2015

Children and Their Rights in Mining Areas: A Community Resource Guide

The Ministry of Mines’ fundamental job is to mine. Many of the violations and human rights abuses that result from mining, especially with respect to children, are not the mandate of the ministry to a...

On 19 Nov 2015

Are Juveniles Really Responsible fo Making Delhi the Rape Capital?

Statistics have been the most important criteria for the Central Government in changing the juvenile justice law and introducing treatment of 16-18 year old juveniles committing such offences as adult...

On 13 Nov 2015

Children in the Juvenile Justice System will no Longer Remain Deprived of their Right to Identity, Citizenship and Protection

An RTI filed by HAQ: Centre for Child Rights with Jail No.7 in Tihar, brought to light the shocking violations of Child Rights and Juvenile Justice in the Tihar Jail. It was found that within a peri...

On 03 Nov 2015

An Asessment of Implementation of the POCSO Act in Two Major Cities -Delhi and Mumbai

Almost three years since the enforcement of POSCP Act is a good time to review its implementation and build evidence that can be used to seek improvement and/or appropriate changes.

On 24 Sep 2015

Strengthening Existing Systems for Prevention of Child Marriage: Investing in a Model with Potential to Affect Reduction in Child Marriage

Child marriage can be prevented and children protected by activating the mandated government structures. A two-pronged approach – working with specific community groups, as well as with representativ...

On 14 Sep 2015

Report of the National Consultation on Prevention of Child Marriage

The purpose of the national consultation was to bring together initiatives from across the country to share experience and challenges. This report is the final draft of the discussions and a common ag...

On 14 Sep 2015

Action Alert? A Mid-Day Meal for Children: A Story Full of Non-Compliance, Poor Performance and Irregularities, Say the CAG Findings

Is the mid-day meal scheme following the nutritional standards? Are funds properly allocated? HARCRC is showing a clear picture of what is happening to the mid-day meal scheme.

On 08 Jul 2015

Budget for Children in India 2008-09 to 2013-14: A Summary

Budget for children is not a separate budget. It is merely an attempt to disaggregate from the overall allocations made, those made specifically for programmes that benefit children. This enables us t...

On 24 Mar 2015

New Government Gives Little Hope to Children: Budget for Children 2014-15

Children have been given only 4.6 per cent of the total budget of 2014 -15. In fact the share of children in has decreased. Is this the Finance Minister’s gift to children on India?

On 17 Jul 2014

Elections 2014: What Do the Manifestos of Political Parties Promise Children?

A quick look at the manifestos of the five national political parties, Indian National Congress (INC), Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Aam Admi Party (AAP), Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPIM) and S...

On 10 Apr 2014

Election 2014: What Political Parties Must Commit to Children

What children need are effective institutions, equitable services and adequate resources, combined with political will and accountable leadership. This is what political leaders can promise them. [H...

On 20 Feb 2014

Child Focussed Questions in Parliament in 2012

One third of the population of India are children below the age of 18 years. They are citizens of this country. Even though they do not vote, they have all rights as equal citizens of the country. How...

On 07 Oct 2013

India Shadow Report

The gains made since ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) are plenty, but the reality of children’s situation is disturbing on many counts calling for urgent and serious att...

On 26 Aug 2013

Delhi State Budget 2013—2014 Disappoints Children Once Again

On the 20th of March 2013, the Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi presented her budget to the Legislative Assembly. What did she have in it for children? The budget has to be analysed in the light of t...

On 03 Jun 2013

Much Ado about Nothing…Budget for Children a Mere Lip Service! India Fails to Protect its Children Once Again

Share of Dudget for Children in the Union Budget. [HAQCRC]. URL:[]

On 01 Mar 2013

Juvenile Justice in Different Countries: Age of Criminal Responsibility and Treatment of Juvenile Offenders

In the world, there are three models that inspire administration of juvenile justice: • The Welfare Model • The Justice Model or Control model - Retributive • The Restorative Model The age of c...

On 06 Feb 2013

Action Alert! Even Money Does not Make them Accountable to Children: Children Still Die in India’s Oldest Paediatric Hospital

The one and only one government hospital for children in the country supported by the Central Government with a budget of Rs. 55.40 Crore in the year 2012-13 is once again in news for miserable cond...

On 26 Nov 2012

Budget for Children in CM’s ‘Caring City’! A Brief analysis of the Delhi Budget 2012-13

Status of Children in India’s Capital. [HAQCRC]. URL:[].

On 02 Jul 2012

Budget for Children (BfC) in the Union Budget 2012-13

What the Budget of India, 2012-13 has got for children? [HAQCRC]. URL:[].

On 19 Mar 2012

Twenty Years of CRC: A Balance Sheet- Volume 1

The report is a rich source with qualitative and quantitative data on the status of children in India from authentic and established sources. [HAQCRC report]. URL:[

On 28 Dec 2011

Brand India: No Equity for Children

India has embarked upon an economic model driven by the free market incorporating processes of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. Our children today live, in what some describe as “Brand...

On 10 Nov 2011

Captured by Cotton: Exploited Dalit Girls Produce Garments in India for European and US Markets

In this report, the widespread use of the Sumangali Scheme in Tamil Nadu is illustrated by four case studies of such vertically integrated enterprises of which the European and US buyers were identif...

On 08 Jun 2011

Budget for Children Analysis: A Beginner's Guide

This toolkit is designed to train individuals and civil society on how to conduct a child centered budget analysis to support their advocacy work and to hold state accoutable for the fulfilment of chi...

On 02 Jun 2011

Comments from HAQ:Centre for Child Rights

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Bill, 2011

On 08 Apr 2011

Delhi Fails to Protect its Children

Can Delhi really hold its head high when it cannot even protect its own children? URL: []

On 30 Mar 2011

Ban on Employment of Children in Domestic Sector, Dhabas and Eateries

The social audit aimed at reflecting questions such as what has the ban resulted in, what steps have been taken to make it effective, is there any visible change in the attitudes of the people in i...

On 25 Mar 2011

No Protection for the AamBachcha

Despite some commendable efforts and achievements of the Indian state, it is an explicit fact that the majority of children in India are suffering, deprived of basic resources and needs for an average...

On 01 Mar 2011

Children's Rights to be Heard in Judicial Process in India

This submission to the UNCRC Committee is primarily addressing the right to be heard in judicial processes. It analyses the space available within the legal system that ensures that children are giv...

On 07 Feb 2011

Budget for Children: A Summary Report 2004-05 to 2008-09

The study, offers a review of the Union Budget as well as the budgets of six states – Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal- for a five year period of 2004-05...

On 23 Nov 2010

NCPCR Report on Children Affected by Civil Unrest Dantewada and Khammam

The National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) conducted a factfinding visit from 17th to 19th December 2007, to Dantewada (Chhattisgarh) and Khammam (Andhra Pradesh), in order t...

On 18 Jun 2010

Children not included in "Inclusive‟ Budget: Where is the "Aam Bachcha” in the Budget, Mr FM?

Finance Minister’s Pranab Mukherjee’s “inclusive” Budget 2010-11 does not include children, who are over 42 per cent of the population. Out of every rupee spent in the budget, he has allotted only 4.6...

On 02 Mar 2010

A Report of Fact Finding Team on Children Rescued from Zari Industry, Delhi and Restored in Their Families in Various Districts in Bihar

A fact-finding mission was undertaken by HAQ: Centre for Child Rights in June 2006 at the request of the Child Welfare Committee, Nirmal Chhaya, Delhi, to follow-up on the children rescued from the Za...

On 16 Dec 2009

Children Out of Focus....Interim Budget at a Glance 2009-10

Examines whether there are any funds for children related activities.

On 19 Feb 2009

Political Economy of Child Rights in India Inc and Child Budget Analysis: A Concept Note

Over the last decade countries across the world have embarked on changing existing economic models in favour of ones driven by the free market, incorporating the process of liberalisation, privatisati...

On 03 Oct 2008

Report Of The Round Table With Parliamentarians

12 December is observed as the Global Day Against Child Trafficking (GDCT) in six regions across the world by partners in the International Campaign against Child Trafficking (ICaCT). The India Campa...

On 17 Sep 2008

Budget 2008-09 and Children A First Glance

Budget for Children (BfC) is not a separate budget. It is merely an attempt to disaggregate from the overall budget, the allocations made specifically for programmes that benefit children. From 2000-0...

On 04 Mar 2008

Our Mining Children A Report of the Fact Finding Team on the Child Labourers in the Iron Ore and Granite Mines in Bellary District of Karnataka

Chid labourers are working in very large and alarming numbers in the iron-ore and granite mines of Hospet-Bellary region of Karnataka state in direct violation of the Constitutional rights of children...

On 04 May 2007

Budget 2007-08 and Children: A First Glance

Of every 100 rupees in the Union Budget 2007-08, only 4 rupees and 84 paise has been promised by the Finance Minister for children. Within the child budget, the share of education and child protectio...

On 05 Mar 2007