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Authors Name: Barry Eichengreen

Regional Financial Arrangements and the International Monetary Fund

The rise of regional monetary arrangements poses a challenge for the International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s global surveillance efforts. This paper reviews how the IMF has responded to earlier regional i...

On 21 Feb 2016

The Real Exchange Rate and Export Growth: Are Services Different?

The determinants of exports of services, distinguishing between modern and traditional services are considered. The growth of export volumes and so-called export surges – periods of rapid sustained...

On 02 Jan 2013

Exports of Services: Indian Experience in Perspective

India’s experience with exporting services is examined. The country’s experience is distinctive in that services, especially modern tradable services, comprise a significantly larger share of GDP tha...

On 23 Apr 2012

The Service Sector as India’s Road to Economic Growth?

Among fast growing developing countries, India is distinctive for the role of the service sector. However, sceptics have raised doubts about both the quality and sustainability of the increase in se...

On 24 Jun 2010

The Two Waves of Service-Sector Growth

This paper will hopefully provide an important methodological tool for all researchers who may be attempting to analyze and explain the growth of the service sector and its share in the Indian GDP o...

On 08 May 2009

The IMF in a World of Private Capital Markets

The IMF attempts to stabilize private capital flows to emerging markets by providing public monitoring and emergency finance. In analyzing its role we contrast cases where banks and bondholders do the...

On 05 Aug 2005