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Authors Name: Suryanarayana M H

Book Review: In Search of Sustainable Solutions

Review of Alternative Futures: India Unshackled Edited by Ashish Kothari and K.J. Joy; AuthorsUpFront Publishing Services Private Limited, New Delhi; 2018; pp 683+xxiii; Price: Rs 735.

On 18 Jul 2018

Review Article: Mapping India’s Future A Complementary Perspective

Review of The Turn of the Tortoise: The Challenge and Promise of India’s Future by T.N.Ninan; Allen Lane by Penguin India, 2015; Pp 368, Rs 699.

On 02 Jan 2016

The Sunday Edit: Deaton, the Development Economist

Angus Deaton’s contributions to economics have been seminal providing development economists with new tools of analysis that have yielded policy-altering insights.

On 07 Nov 2015

Promoting Human Development in India: Costs of Inequality

Policy emphasis in Indian economic development planning has always been on ‘economic growth with income redistribution’. Such a strategy seeks to exploit the potential of development programmes for po...

On 11 May 2015

The 'Poorest Might Catch up': Convergence vs. Pseudo-convergence

Public welfare policies in developing countries have a Rawlsian perspective; they seek to uplift the poor, the poorest of the poor in particular. Policies to enable the poor to catch up with the rich...

On 05 Feb 2014

Nutritional Norms for Poverty: Issues and Implications

This study raises some relevant issues and examines them from an economic perspective. To begin with, it would examine how did the Indian approach, official in particular, to defining and measuring po...

On 26 Jul 2013

Economic Survey 2012-13: A Comedy of Errors?

There is lack of clarity and concepts in the Economic Survey. The Survey has not covered many topics which it was expected to cover.

On 02 Mar 2013

India's Globalisation: Computing the Costs

Review article of Churning the Earth: The Making of Global India; Aseem Shrivastava, Ashish Kothari; Penguin Viking, New Delhi; Pp. 394, Rs 699.

On 10 Dec 2012

Poverty and Food Insecurity in India: A Disaggregated Regional Profile

This study provides a profile of deprivation with respect to consumer expenditure, cereal consumption and energy intake across demographic and agro-climatic regions as defined by the National Sample...

On 23 Aug 2011

Pro-Poor Growth: Illusions of Marriage and Divorce?

This note seeks to show that the debate on ‘Pro-Poor Growth’ is sterile and largely academic with few policy insights.

On 15 Jan 2010

Agflation and the PDS: Some Issues

In the context of the current public policy focus on rising food prices and their implications for food security, this paper examines two major issues raised: (i) Universalization of the public distri...

On 04 Nov 2008