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Authors Name: Biswajit Dhar

Demographic Change, Brain Drain, and Human Capital: Development Potentials in Services-Driven South Asia

This discussion paper seeks to understand the nature of the ongoing demographic transition in South Asia and the challenges faced by the countries of the region to augment their future supply of skill...

On 21 Jan 2016

An Assessment of India's Innovation Policies

This paper presents a detailed overview of the innovation policy framework in India in order to assess its role in innovations and enterprise development in the Indian industry. This paper notes that...

On 21 Jan 2016

The European Union's Proposed Carbon Equalisation System: Some Implications for India's Exports

In 2009, the European Union (EU) proposed to use border carbon measures, which could take the form of a direct or indirect “carbon tax”, against imports from its partner countries that were not follow...

On 21 Jan 2016