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Authors Name: Manmohan Agarwal


We analyse the evolution of the Indian economy over the past six decades, particularly identifying structural breaks. We find that usually there has been a gradual change in the indicators of the ec...

On 09 Apr 2018

The Operation of the Gold Standard in the Core and the Periphery Before the First World War

This paper examines the operation of the gold standard (GS) during the period 1870-1914, its heyday. It discusses the theory of balance of payments adjustment under the GS. Theory postulates automatic...

On 06 Sep 2017

Manufacturing in India and Other BRICS Countries: A Stuttering Performance

There is a feeling among many analysts that the manufacturing sector in India has not done well as in other countries, particularly China. The sector accounts for a relatively small share of GDP i...

On 02 Aug 2017

Foreign Direct Investment and Poverty Reduction: India in Regional Context

It is widely proclaimed that capital account liberalisation would immensely benefit developing economies because once capital controls are lifted capital would flow from the capital abundant rich cou...

On 25 Jan 2016