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Authors Name: Nira Ramachandran

Total Factor Productivity of the Software Industry in India

This paper uses the Malmquist Productivity Index (MPI) to estimate change in total factor productivity (TFP) and its constituent components for software companies in India during 1999–2008. On average...

On 24 Jan 2016

Are Women’s Issues Synonymous with Gender in India? Looking Across Geographic Space

This paper attempts to shift the focus from ‘women’ to the significance of the gender equation by assessing the intensity of gender disparity across geographic space, and enquiring into the reasons...

On 04 Feb 2014

Women and Food Security in South Asia: Current Issues and Emerging Concerns

The educated and socially empowered Asian Woman is the key to improving the nutrition and mental acuity of young children and that improvement sets in motion lifelong prospects for heightened learning...

On 24 Jul 2007