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Authors Name: Bharti Ali

Implementation of the POCSO Act: Goals, Gaps and Challenges

The study comes at a crucial time when key actors as well as the general public would like to know more about how effective is the implementation of the main law protecting children from sexual abus...

On 24 Apr 2018

Juvenile Justice in India: Policy and Implementation Dilemmas

The article tells us about what are the positive aspects of Juvenile Justice bill what it is lacking.

On 23 Jul 2015

Politics, Paisa or Priorities: Where Would Children Fit into the 2015-16 Union Budget?

It is a well-known fact that children are not getting much attention in the Union Budgets. There are some schemes by the government for children. Many of them are not properly implemented or lack fund...

On 25 Feb 2015

Politicians and Bureaucrats Fail to Put an End to Child Marriage: Both Intent and Action are Lacking!

Although the UN Resolution on Child, Early and Forced Marriage was adopted unanimously, and India too is party to it since it did not raise any objections, the officials did discuss concerns regarding...

On 15 Nov 2013