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Authors Name: Sanika Sulochani Ramanayake

Rethinking the Development of Post-War Sri Lanka Based on the Singapore Model

This study explores three major points, namely, Singapore's development process,Singapore's model of economic development, and the economic challenges of post-war Sri Lanka. This study explores pages...

On 25 Jul 2017

Differential Impacts of Currency Undervaluation on Growth and Exports in Natural Resource vs. Manufacturing Exporting Countries

This paper aims to analyze the differential impact of exchange rate undervaluation on growth and exports in different countries. The paper considers two sets of countries in our dataset-18 countries a...

On 03 May 2017

Role of Gender Gap in Economic Growth: Analysis on Developing Countries versus OECD Countries

This study investigates the effects of the gender gap on economic growth by using a composite gender gap index from the World Economic Forum. The index captures the multidimensional aspect of the gend...

On 02 May 2017