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Authors Name: Aparna Sawhney

An Evaluation of Domestic and Trade Policies in Building Environmental Services Capacity in Asia: Balancing Diverse Interests and Priorities

This paper provides an overview of the state of the environmental services sector in Asia, by focusing on the most significant segments of infrastructural services namely, water, sanitation and munici...

On 01 Jan 2018

Trade in Environmental Services: Opportunities and Constraints

The environment industry has witnessed rapid growth over the last two decades. Industry surveys in the mid- 1990s had estimated that the global environment industry revenue would increase from US$ 469...

On 04 Feb 2011

WTO-Related Matters in Trade and Environment: Relationship Between WTO Rules and MEAs

Environmental issues began to be systematically addressed in the WTO following the Decision on Trade and Environment taken towards the end of the Uruguay Round at Marrakesh in 1994. The Committee on T...

On 07 Oct 2010