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Authors Name: Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF)

Falling Through The Cracks: A Briefing On Climate Change, Displacement and International Governance Frameworks

This briefing specifically refers to international and regional legal and policy frameworks governing climate-induced displacement.

On 12 Apr 2018

Thailand”s Seafood Slaves: Human Trafficking, Slavery and Murder in Kantang’s Fishing Industry

This report recalls and builds on the recommendations made in EJF’s 2015 report Pirates and Slaves.

On 10 Apr 2018

The Impact Of The EU IUU Regulation On Seafood Trade flows: Identification of Intra-EU Shifts in Import Trends Related to the Catch Certification Scheme and Third Country Carding Process

Previous studies have shown how analyses of publicly available fisheries trade datasets – whether the analysis of a single dataset or comparative analysis between two or more datasets – can support th...

On 10 Apr 2018

Human Trafficking in Taiwan’s Fisheries Sector

Taiwan has one of the world’s largest DWFs, with over 1,800 vessels flying the Taiwanese flag operating across the world and hundreds of Taiwanese-owned vessels flying other flags.

On 09 Apr 2018

EJF View on the Global Compact on Migration

The report says that investment in climate change adaptation and mitigation are listed as key ways of minimizing the drivers that force people from their country of origin – one of the GCM’s central o...

On 09 Apr 2018

Improving Performance in the Fight Against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing

This briefing provides an overview of the key factors that have influenced the European Commission’s carding decisions to date.

On 06 Apr 2018

Beyond Borders: A Report Produced by the Environmental Justice Foundation Our Changing Climate – Its Role in Conflict and Displacement

Climate change is an environmental and a human rights issue. EJF views climate change as a primary threat to world peace and security, development and human rights in the 21st century.

On 06 Apr 2018

Slavery at Sea: The Continued Plight of Trafficked Migrants in Thailand's Fishing Industry

The report reveals new evidence of human trafficking and the use of violence in the Thai fishing industry and inaction on the part of the Government to identify and prosecute criminals, corrupt offici...

On 16 Oct 2015

A Nation under Threat: The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Rights and Forced Migration in Bangladesh

The report explores how climate change has become one of the major challenges to the enjoyment of the basic rights to life, food, health, water, housing and self-determination in one of the World's mo...

On 08 Sep 2015

Pirates and Slaves: How Overfishing in Thailand Fuels Human Trafficking and the Plundering of Our Oceans

The report calls for overfishing, pirate fishing and modern-day slavery in the Thai fishing industry to be addressed as interconnected issues. It examines the complex and multi-faceted problems in Tha...

On 08 Sep 2015

Sold to the Sea: Human Trafficking in Thailand's fishing industry

Thailand’s economy is heavily reliant on labour-intensive industries. However, growing economic prosperity since the late 1980s has seen a decline in the available Thai workforce needed to meet the la...

On 24 Jan 2014