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Authors Name: Chandan Kumar

Effects of Contract Governance on Public Private Partnership (PPP) Performance

This paper empirically examines the impact of differences in contract attributes on project outcomes. The hypothesis is to test whether better incentive structure and stricter administrative controls...

On 05 Apr 2018

Role of Bidding Method and Risk Allocation in the Performance of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects

This paper analyses the Indian PPP framework, including its bidding process and the standard concession agreement. The paper argues that the existing bidding method (i.e. premium/grant based method) c...

On 05 Apr 2018

Opportunism and Hold-up in the Incomplete Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contracts

This paper attempts to find the answer to this question. It examines the contract design of the Indian PPP road contracts and analyzes its strengths and weaknesses to avoid the opportunism or hold-up...

On 05 Apr 2018