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Authors Name: Pinaki Chakraborty

Would UDAY Brighten Up Rajasthan Finances?

Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY) required number of State governments to take over debt of power distribution companies in their books of accounts. Though this one time intervention made both debt...

On 19 Mar 2018

Federalism, Fiscal Space and Public Investment Spending: Do Fiscal Rules Impose Hard Budget Constriants?

The core emphasis of rules-based fiscal legislation at the subnational level in India is to achieve debt sustainability through a numerical ceiling on borrowing and the use of borrowed resources for...

On 23 Jan 2017

Fiscal Reforms, Fiscal Rule and Development Spending: How Indian States have Performed?

In this paper it is examined whether a favourable fiscal rule had impact on fiscal balance but what lies behind a particular outcome in a rule based fiscal regime. Often time it is argued that fiscal...

On 30 Sep 2013

Deficit Fundamentalism vs Fiscal Federalism: Implications of 13th Finance Commission’s Recommendations

The important recommendations of the Thirteenth Finance Commission (THFC) can be categorised under the following heads: • Enhanced vertical devolution from 30.5 to 32 per cent of divisible pool of ...

On 31 Mar 2011

Economic Reforms and Infrastructure Spending: Evidence from China and India

This paper examines the country specific effect of policy reform on infrastructure spending in China and India. In China we have examined how marketization and decentralization has affected the co...

On 10 Jan 2011