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Authors Name: Nikhil Govind

Theorising Translation At the Level of Discourse Rather Than the Word

To translate Premchand into Tamil (or Tamil into Telugu) is not to translate into a neutral language in the manner of simply exalting, or improving, or diversifying, or nationally integrating. Rather...

On 12 Jan 2017

The Sunday Edit: A Depressing Malady

The rising incidence of suicides, and mental health problems in India, especially among youth, cannot be wished away. There is a critical need to recognise the malevolent neglect of the state of ment...

On 20 Sep 2015

‘Coin of Blood’: Savarkar’s 'The Indian War of Independence – 1857'

Savarkar’s chief claim from the outset is that the Revolution was the manifestation of deep underlying principles. Indeed this sense of the underlying principles can alone justify such massive loss of...

On 27 Dec 2014

Framing Savarkar: Reading the Author’s Introduction and the Publishers’ Notes to Savarkar’s 'Indian War of Independence -1857'

Savarkar was not only a revolutionary, but also one who could reflect on the revolutionary life. The earlier generation of 1857 perhaps lacked the ability or at the very least, the opportunity to refl...

On 26 Dec 2014

Janam: Narratives of Urban Theatre

Review of A History of the Jana Natya Manch: Plays for the People By Arjun Ghosh Sage, New Delhi; 2012, pp 328, Rs. 695.

On 25 Mar 2012

Reading Gandhi with Gandhians

Review of: Understanding Gandhi: Gandhians in Conversation with Fred J Blum edited by Usha Thakkar and Jayashree Mehta; Sage Publications India, New Delhi, 2011, Rs. ISBN 9788132105572

On 26 Nov 2011

Reading Savarkar: Disequilibriums in Hindutva’s Notion of National-Unity-at-all-Costs

Sarvarkar’s case for Unity is at best a cumulative network of agile concepts that are open-ended, and can be used by future sympathetic thinkers. To not grasp this agility is to fundamentally misunder...

On 03 Nov 2011

Historical Analysis Or Honest Reflection?

Review of Lost Years of the RSS by Sanjeev Kelkar; Sage India, New Delhi 2011, pp. 392, Rs 350.

On 05 Aug 2011

Distress Situation in Dryland Areas Impacts on Livelihood Pattern and the Coping Strategies: A Review

This paper is a review of the different coping mechanisms adopted by the households in different dryland area of India. The primary focus of the present paper is to understand the coping mechanisms...

On 05 Aug 2011