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Authors Name: Arup Mitra

Growth, Inequality, Poverty and Urbanization

The focus in this paper is on growth, inequality and poverty, particularly in relation to urbanization. The analysis is pursued at three levels of disaggregation: states, districts and the million-plu...

On 02 May 2018

Youth and Labour Reforms in India

On account of May 1st being the Labour Day, India Youth Fund interviewed Professor Arup Mitra from the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi on a number of labour rights and reforms related issues in In...

On 26 May 2016

Skills, Informality, and Development

This paper makes an attempt to estimate the index of informal sector employment which can be attributed to the supply-push phenomenon. Factors which explain the inter-state variations include the indu...

On 24 Jan 2016

Technology Intensity and Global Competitiveness: Issues in Labour Cost and Employment

Productive employment generation is an important objective in most of the developing countries this motivation has probably induced firms to adopt capital intensive techniques. Based on the country s...

On 29 Oct 2014

The Indian Labour Market: An Overview

The present study analyses the labour market situation in India over the last two decades. Given the growth profile, which has been quite robust in recent years, one pertinent question is whether Indi...

On 23 May 2014

Urbanization in India: Evidence on Agglomeration Economies

The paper examines the urbanization pattern with context of India. The paper deals with various demographic aspects of urbanization. Also the paper focuses on characteristics and classes of cities, an...

On 19 Aug 2011