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Authors Name: Runu Bhatka

Educational Attainment of Young Adults in India: Measures, Trends and Determinants

Given the fact that education of young adults plays crucial role from both economic and social point of view, the objective of the study is to analyse the pattern of improvements in their education a...

On 18 Jan 2016

Impact of Public Spending on Health and Education of Children in India: A Panel Data Simultaneous Equation Model

The basic objective of the study is to examine the impact of public expenditure on health and education after incorporating the linkages between health status of children and their educational achiev...

On 12 Dec 2014

Does Parental Education Affect the Impact of Provision of Health Care on Health Status of Children? - Evidence from India

The objective of the study is to analyse the impact of provision of health care facilities on the child health status taking into account the utilization of these available facilities. The study offer...

On 19 Sep 2014