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National Policy on Biofuels
Biofuels are derived from renewable bio - mass resources and, therefore, provide a strategic advantage to promote sustainable development and to supplement conventional...
Government of India GOI on  May 17, 2018
Global Inequality When Unequal Countries Create Unequal People
Current global inequality measures assume that national-mean income does not matter to economic welfare at given household income, as measured in surveys. The paper questions...
Martin Ravallion on  May 16, 2018
Examining the state level heterogeneity of public health expenditure in Indi a: an empirical evidence from panel data
This study explores the relationship over an extended period of time between an increase in per capita public health expenditure and per capita state’s domestic product (per capita inc...
Deepak Kumar Behera on  May 16, 2018
Third Annual Report on the Gold Industry in India
The India Gold Policy Center at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) sponsored by World Gold Council is a center of excellence, conducting cutting edge applied research on the Gold Indu...
IIM Ahmedabad on  May 15, 2018
Vertical Integration, Market Structure and Competition Policy: Experiences of Indian Manufacturing Sector during the Post - Reform Period
In the context of declining degrees of vertical integration in major industries of Indian manufacturing sector during the post - reform period, the present paper is an att...
Pulak Mishra, Rakesh Basant on  May 15, 2018
R&D Spillovers and R&D Intensity: A Study of Electronic Goods Sector in India
This paper attempts to analyze the determinants of inter - firm differences in R&D intensity at the five digit level of industries belonging to the Electronics Goods Sector in In dia. Empirica...
Narayanan K, S. Bhattacharyya on  May 14, 2018
Rural Wage Dynamics in India: What Role does Inflation Play?
This paper studies the relationship between rural wage growth and inflation in India to assess the risk of a wage - price spiral to the inflation trajectory. The results...
Sujata Kundu on  May 14, 2018
Technological Progress and Future of Kuznets Curve
This study considers the fluctuation in the degree of income inequality after the Kuznets curve completes a single inverted U-shaped curve. It ascertains that new-born technological inventions incre...
Inyong Shin, Hyunho Kim, Eiji Yamamura on  May 14, 2018
Gender and Intersecting Inequalities in Local Government in South Asia
This paper is an evidence review of how intersecting forms of inequalities influence women’s political participation and representation at the local level in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The r...
Sohela Nazneen on  May 11, 2018
The impact of macroeconomic policies on the growth of public health expenditure: An empirical assessment from the Indian states
The impact assessment of macroeconomic policies on public health expenditure is very relevant in Indian economy because of tax reform, fiscal consoli- dation, and expenditure policy reform. These h...
Umakant Dash, Deepak Kumar Behera on  May 11, 2018
Book Review: Towards the Making of a ‘New Woman’
Review of Her Own Hero: The Origins of the Women’s Self Defense Movement By Wendy L Rouse Sage Vistaar, 2018;
Anushyama Mukherjee on  May 10, 2018
FDI in Services and India
Developing countries, including India, are increasing relying on foreign direct investments (FDI) for raising finance for infrastructure development and other projects. Consequently, coun...
Tanu M Goyal, Arpita Mukherjee on  May 09, 2018
World Economic Outlook, April 2018: Cyclical Upswing, Structural Change
The global economic upswing that began around mid-2016 has become broader and stronger. This new World Economic Outlook report projects that advanced economies as a group will continue to expand above...
International Monetary Fund [IMF] on  May 08, 2018
Does Export Intensity Affect Firm Performance? Evidence from Basic Metal Industry in India
With technological advancement, the world has shrunk in the form of a ‘global village’. Acknowledging this fact, the main question of this study is going to be: whether...
Anup Kumar Bhandari, Vipin V on  May 08, 2018
Growth and Childbearing in the Short- and Long-Run
Despite being key to theories of economic growth and the demographic transition, evidence on how fertility responds to aggregate income change is mixed. We analyze economic growth and fertility chan...
Tom Vogl, Shoumitro Chatterjee on  May 08, 2018