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Mary Kom wins gold in Asian Boxing Championship

Just when you thought she
had given up the gloves for good, MC Mary Kom start penning the script for yet another glorious
chapter of her glittering career. At the age of 34, Mary Kom has kicked off her career in the ring again and started
off with a gold medal at the Asian women's boxing championships in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday.

Returning to her favoured 48kg category after
five years - last time she competed in this weight class, Mary won the 2012
London Olympics bronze - India's most decorated pugilist brought home her fifth
Asian gold medal and first since 2012. One of two Indian boxers to enter the
final, along with Sonia Lather (57kg), Mary outclassed 
Hyang Mi Kim of Korea with a unanimous 5-0 verdict on Wednesday.

"I have been feeling
confident ever since I started training in the 48kg category few months back.
The federation has been very helpful in aiding my comeback into the ring,
providing great training support, sparring partners, etc.I knew if I maintained
my fitness throughout this tournament, I will be unbeatable. This is not
overconfidence but belief in my ability," a delighted Mary told TOI from
Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday.

Mary Kom got off to a
brilliant start, launching a blistering attack right from the word go. She
landed most of her punches which put her ahead in the opening round itself. The
Korean tried to stay in the fight, packing a few of her own. In the second
round, Mary eased up a little, preferring to be a little cautious. She used her
defensive abilities to the optimum and attacked only on the counter in this

"The Korean was a
tricky opponent.She was tall, very tall in fact. Ever since I have returned to
the 48kg category, I have noticed that most of the girls are much more taller
than me. I've have had to adapt my game according to that and training with
girls of similar height has helped me," the five-time World Champion said.

Mary was nominated to be a member of the 
Rajya Sabha by the Indian President in April last year. She is also
juggling between her roles as a government observer for boxing since March this
year. Post her Asian Championships gold, Mary is apprehensive that her
Parliament duties might prevent her from taking part in the Nationals later
this year.

“The Nationals is the next
event for us in December. But I have some commitments as a Rajya Sabha member
as well and I'll request the federation if I can be excused. The Parliament
position only came to me because of my achievements in the ring. But I can't
stop dreaming as I am already thinking about winning an Olympic medal for
India, but this time it should be a gold," Mary said laughing out aloud.

The new Boxing Federation of India (BFI)
president Ajay Singh was one of the reasons why Mary decided to return to the
ring. Earlier, Mary had taken a lengthy break back after marriage to give birth
to twins Rechungvar and Khupneivar (born in 2007) and son Prince was born in

 "Mary Kom's gold at the Asian Boxing
Championship is a huge victory for India's women power. At 34, this mother of
three has shown that, with grit and determination, you can overcome seemingly insurmountable
odds," BFI president Ajay Singh said.

 Mary, who is eyeing the 2018 Commonwealth Games, confirmed that she
got back into the ring only due to the insistence of the BFI president.

 List of medallists Mary Kom (48 Kg) - Gold;
Sonia Lather (57kg) - Silver; Shiksha (54kg) - Bronze; Priyanka Choudhary (60kg) - Bronze; Sarita Devi (64kg) - Bronze;
Lovlina Borgohain (69kg) - Bronze; Seema Poonia (+81kg) -Bronze.


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Posted on : Nov 09, 2017