Fri 8 Feb 
09:45-10:15am - Welcome, Introductions by Chair: Dr. Sunil
10:15-10.45am - Introductory Session Concept Note: Overview on Work, Health and Rights by Dr.Prabir & Jashodhara (See full bulletin)
11.30-11.50am - Session I State of Occupational Health problems and Safety (OHS) In India by Jagdish Patel, Amulya, Ashish Chair: Dhruv
14:00-14:20pm - Session II Social security, Insurance, ESI by Ravi Duggal (Social Security and Insurance), Dr.Rajan Shukla to respond.Chair: Lakshmi Lingam
16:00-17:30pm - Session IIIHealth Rights of Women workers by Padmini Swaminathan, Sunil Kaul (Tea gardens) and Renu Khanna (Sexual Harassment in work place),Jashodhara (Maternity and wage workers) Chair: Syamasundari
Post dinner - MFC History
Fri 9 Feb
- - Session I Health and Rights in the Informal/ Unorganized Sector: Manual scavenging and sex work by Dr. Smarajit Jana and Dr. Protim Ray
- - Session II Laws related to Occupational health and safety , Indian and ILO by Jagdish Patel,Seetha Sriraman,Dr.Ashish Gupta, Amulya Nidhi, Navneet Wadkar
- - Session III Panel discussion on the impact of liberalization on work force (informal and formal labour), theoretical aspects, and strategies by Srivatsan,Veena Shatrugna,Ramanamurthy
- - Session IV Panel discussion on Trade Unions, strategies and further actions by Gautam Mody