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The Clinical and Public Health Challenges of Diabetes Prevention: A Search for Sustainable Solutions

The economic cost of dealing with the consequences of diabetes is not only a threat to health systems but is a far broader economic and social problem and thus a threat to future long-term sustainable...

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by Nicholas J Wareham | On 26 Jul 2016

Inequitable and Ineffective: Exclusion of Mental Health from the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Given that mental health and other non-communicable diseases were conspicuously omitted from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and have only been weakly mentioned in draft Sustainable Developme...

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by Alexander C. Tsai | On 30 Jun 2015

Testing and Treating the Missing Millions with Tuberculosis

Political leaders and policy makers need to understand that TB cannot be eliminated without investing more resources. Here, advocacy is critical. There are signs that TB’s time in the spotlight is arr...

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by Madhukar Pai | On 24 Mar 2015

Editors’ Wishes for an Illuminated Season and an Open New Year

There are great opportunities for Open Access publications to advance human health, provided the medical research and publishing communities can rise to the challenges that come with them. There are m...

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by Plos medicine Editors | On 01 Dec 2013

A Reality Checkpoint for Mobile Health: Three Challenges to Overcome

It has been predicted that by 2017 there will be ‘‘more mobile phones than people’’ on the planet, and currently three-quarters of the world’s population have access to a mobile phone. Amidst the inte...

Category: PLoS Medicine

by PLoS Medicine | On 01 Feb 2013

The Air that We Breathe: Addressing the Risks of Global Urbanization on Health

The Editors examine the lack of correlation between the size of a city and its air quality, noting that the strength of environmental laws and the accountability of the country's government have a gre...

Category: PLoS Medicine

by PLoS Medicine Editors | On 01 Aug 2012

PLoS Medicine Series on Big Food: The Food Industry Is Ripe for Scrutiny

A lay out of the background on the role of Big Food in global health, and offer three competing views of how public health professionals can respond. Subsequent articles include: a comparison of soda...

Category: PLoS Medicine

by Plos medicine Editors | On 30 Jun 2012

Beyond the Numbers: Describing Care at the End of Life

PLoS Medicine, Olav Lindqvist and colleagues describe the range of non pharmacological care giving activities provided by palliative care staff for cancer patients in the last days of life. Their find...

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by Plos medicine Editors | On 29 Feb 2012

Poor Diet in Shift Workers: A New Occupational Health Hazard?

As the world of work becomes increasingly 24 hour, shift work will become more common. Shift work has the potential to accelerate the progression of the global epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Ob...

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by PLoS Medicine Editors | On 31 Dec 2011

Quality of Maternal Health Care: A Call for Papers for a Maternal Health Task Force–PLoS Collection

The MHTF–PLoS Collection in 2011–12 will focus on quality of maternal health care, as it is clear that such a focus is now a global imperative [9]. The quality of maternal health care is highly va...

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by Samantha R Lattof | On 29 Nov 2011