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The case of the spurious drug kingpin: Shifting pills in Chennai

The public lecture by Dr. Sarah Hodges, organised by the Forum for Medical Ethics Society with the Centre for Law and Society, School of Law, and Constitutional Governance, Centre for Public Health, S...

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by Sarah Hodges | On 22 Mar 2019

Regularisation of Contract Workers and Asha Volunteers in the National Health Mission : A Statement

It is the multi-layers of health providers that make health care possible. It is therefore important that we address the job security of the workers in the National Health Mission.

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by Kavita Bhatia | On 03 Oct 2016

Union Budget 2015-16: Shocking Neglect of Health Care

The budget proposals are premised on the assumption that health care is an individual’s responsibiity. The government appears to be rapidly shedding its responsibilities to provide accessible health...

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by Ravi Duggal | On 28 Feb 2015

Civil society demands transparency and uninterrupted supply of TB medicines

TB patients, Civil society and TB organizations gathered today at Nirman Bhawan to protest against the ongoing stock-outs of TB medicines that have led to treatment interruptions across the country. T...

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by Lawyers Collective | On 26 Jun 2013

‘Grand Challenges to Global Mental Health’: Critical perspectives on the US-NIMH initiative

In 2011 the US National Institute of Mental Health launched the Grand Challenges to Global Mental Health on the lines of earlier initiatives on ‘Global Health’ and on ‘Global Chronic Non-Common-commun...

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by Anonymous | On 05 Oct 2012

Under-Nutrition in Maharashtra: Is ICDS effective?

Malnutrition and under nutrition are critical issues in Maharashtra. In spite of being a high growth state in the country, it has occasionally remained in the news due to deaths caused by under nutrit...

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by Manisha Karne | On 21 Aug 2012

UID and Public Health: Specious Claims

Among the many reasons cited for India to proceed ahead with the Unique Identification (UID) project -that it will facilitate delivery of basic services, that it will plug leakages in public expenditu...

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by Mohan Rao | On 23 Feb 2011

Swine Flu Casts its Spell across the Globe

The swine flu has come to India also. What measures have been taken by the government to fight against the pandemic?

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by Rajeev Mavani | On 12 Aug 2009

Mexican Swine Flu—A New Threat to Humanity

The article provides information pertaining to the recent outbreak of "swine flu", which has spread beyond Mexico and the US. The present study shows that the outbreak has lot to do with industrial fa...

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by Shambhu Ghatak | On 09 Jun 2009