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Bangladesh Goes to the Polls: A Street-side View

An informal but informed Indian professional on assignment in Dhaka sends this engaging commentary on the general elections in Bangladesh.

Category: Asia, South

by Srikanth S | On 05 Jan 2019

The Internet and State Intervention in Asia: A Comparative Study of Selected Countries

In context of contemporary debates about censorship, net neutrality and the role of the state in today’s globalising world, it becomes vital to examine the stand taken by various Asian governments tow...

Category: Asia, South

by Nandini Bhattacharya | On 17 Apr 2015

Nehru’s Legacy After 50 Years

Report of Panel Discussion held at the Jawaharlal Nehru University to mark the 50th anniversary of the passing away of Pandit Nehru, India's first prime minister.

Category: Asia, South

by Arun Kumar | On 28 May 2014

How to win an Afghan Election

Afghanistan is currently in its second round of presidential and provincial council elections since 2001. In these elections most attention by international observers and analysts is being paid to que...

Category: Asia, South

by Martine Bijlert | On 01 Aug 2009

China-ASEAN Relations: Consensus on Principles, Differences on Specifics

ASEAN, for China, is the focal point for Chinese diplomacy with Southeast Asian countries. Beyond ASEAN, China’s overall relations with Russia, Central Asia and most South Asian countries are relative...

Category: Asia, South

by Chaobing Qiu | On 31 Oct 2013

Madras Cafe: A Timely Interrogation

The film, MAdras Cafe, offers us an opportunity to revisit memory and ask important questions as to what happened in the early years of the civil war in Sri Lanka. An introspection that is necessary i...

Category: Asia, South

by Aaranya Rajasingam | On 10 Sep 2013