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Know Your Publishing Space: Open Access Publishing

Publishing research in open access journals has been widely discussed over the last decade. Both free access and open access give the reader seamless access to research papers/articles. So, what’s the...

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by Shubhada Nagarkar | On 01 Feb 2021

New Education Policy: Reinventing Higher Education?

The draft New Education Policy offers challenges disguised as opportunit ies and progressive thinking, especially in terms of autonomy, the deeply troubling role of the private sector HEI, regulatory...

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by Pramod K. Nayar | On 26 Jul 2019

Introduction: Academic Freedom in Crisis

This essay is the first in a series on Academic Freedom in Crisis curated by socialsciencespace. In the current context of the apparent retreat of academic freedom across the world, the series of shor...

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by Daniel Nehring | On 02 Sep 2016

The Universities for Research and Innovation Bill, 2012

A bill to provide for the establishment and incorporation of Universities for Research and Innovation and for enabling them to emerge as centres for ecosystems to develop as hubs of education, resea...

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by Parliamentary Research Service PRS | On 30 Aug 2012

It’s Here, the Privatisation of Higher Education in India

Apart from the sweeping change in the nature of academics itself, the university system is being remoulded in the image of the private sector – with silent, atomised workers, bitchy and competitive to...

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by Sunalini Kumar | On 22 Mar 2011

Towards Public Policy Education: Imparting Economic and Financia Literacy

Financial and economic literacy is essential for understanding forces that are driving social change in India, and globally. It is also an essential contributing factor in determining employability an...

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by Mukul Asher | On 28 May 2008