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Data Ecosystems for Sustainable Development: The Africa Data Revolution Report 2016

This report aims to serve as the foundation upon which the nations can create data eco-systems to serve developmental aims.

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by Aritra Chakrabarty | On 01 Jan 2016

Regulate the Share Markets and Save the Country

The 1% rich and powerful have found the Occupy Wall Street movement unsettling and have also made attempts at curbing its influence and outreach. It is now possible for stock-traders in international...

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by Bhalchandra Kango | On 08 Nov 2011

Sovereign Wealth Funds: Policy Implications for India

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) will be an integral and significant part of global financial and capital markets even in the medium term. It is important for India to put in place domestic safeguards ag...

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by Mukul Asher | On 12 Dec 2007

American housing market: a source of relief or weakness?

In late March the release of data on sale of new homes in the US showed that it had dropped 10 per cent, the biggest drop in nine years. In the immediate aftermath of this report, the US currency gav...

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by V. Anantha Nageswaran | On 07 Apr 2006

Why is Exchange Rate Pass-through So Low?

Policy makers are particularly concerned about the extent and speed of exchange rate pass-through into domestic prices. However, in recent times there seems to be a growing degree of disconnect betw...

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by Amit Ghosh | On 14 Mar 2006