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Divisive Politics in Tamizh Nadu

While the Dravidian movement is surely a necessary counter to historical and even contemporary oppressive politics played by Brahmins and other upper castes, their militant politics and intellectual...

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by Shyam Sundar | On 01 Jan 2018

Secession: A Short Story On Its Long History

When a state or a part of a union seeks secession, can it be termed a seditious act? In the US, while Constitutional rulings guide the relationship of States to the Union, peaceful demands for separat...

Category: Politics

by Anuradha Kumar | On 28 Apr 2016

Why can't an Academic deliver a Lecture on Secularism without Police Protection? - Romila Thapar

At Pratirodh, the Writers' Convention organised on 1 October 2015, Romila Thapar began with an anecdotal account of her recent lecture on secularism in Mumbai, a lecture for which she was advised to t...

Category: Politics

by Romila Thapar | On 13 Nov 2015

Issues of Exclusion and Inclusion in Decentralized Local Governance Institutions in India

This paper proposes to explore “the issues of exclusion and inclusion in decentralized local governance institutions in India”. It also tries to explore how the marginalized groups are excluded in the...

Category: Politics

by Dr. Dasarathi Bhuyan | On 01 Feb 2012

Controlling Money and Politics – An Exercise in Damage Control

Whether there should be transparency in political finance? Whether there should be a control over the money that the political parties are receiving?

Category: Politics

by Marcin Walecki | On 04 Oct 2008